Rate My Landlord and Apartment

How to Rate my Landlord & Apartment:
The RPA allows you to rate your landlord experiences in just a few steps.  By posting your landlord ratings and reviews you help add to the RPA's Landlord History Report which is used to calculate landlord risk scores.  We repect your right to voice your opinions whether they are Positive, Negative or Neutral.  The RPA Landlord and Apartment Rating system uses advances in technology to ensure accuracy in comments left by renters, this helps to keep the landlord reporting system the most accurate with real comments from actual renters.

Apartment Ratings and Landlord Ratings


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Step 1:   Find Landlord Report by entering Rental Address
Step 2:   Click on "Add your Comments" under the Renter Comments Section
Step 3:   Rate your Landlord by sharing your experiences
Step 4:   Check your e-mail to confirm comment
STEP ONE:  (Enter Rental Address, Property & Landlord Name)  Click on [Get Report!]
To rate your Landlord, Property Manager, or Rental Unit you will need to first need to find the rental property in the RPA database.   
Hint:  Spell out abreviations: i.e. (South, Drive, Entire City)
Landlord name: (No comma)
First Name Last Name

STEP TWO: Find "Renter Comments Section"   Rental Ratings  then click on "Add your comments"
Once you pull up the Landlord History Report scroll down the report until you see the "Renter Comments" section as shown on the right.  Click on the link "Add your comments" (pointed out with green arrow)
Hint: Click on the Icon Rental Ratings  in the "Quick Jump Section" to quickly jump to the renter comments section of the report.
Renter Rating Comments

STEP THREE: (Enter your apartment / landlord review and comments) Click  [Submit]
Your email address and name are required for validation reasons only and are never made public.   The RPA  renter rating system uses smart technology to ensure comments are from actual renters.   
Hint: Keep comments factual and concise.  The use of swear words can result in you and your computer being banned from our system. 
Landlord Rating Form

STEP FOUR: (Click on the link sent to your Email Address)
The final step is simple, all you need to do is click on the link sent to your email address.  Once you click on the link our server will update the renter ratings database and include your comments on your landlords history report.
Hint: Emails are sent instantly and should arrive in your inbox in a matter of seconds.  Check your spam filters if you don't see it within a couple of minutes.
Renter Ratings Email