Landlord Complaint Record: #23-0420

Helen Cheng, Piwan Cheng    |    Omaha    ,    Nebraska 68118    Landlord Complaint 23-0420

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WARNING! This property/ landlord refused to mediate a fair resolution or respond to this
complaint. Landlord refused to cooperate.

Case Number : 23-0420 Filing Date : Oct 25, 2012
Investigating Agent : Kept Private Case Disposition : Force Required
Complaint Level : Code Landlord Response : Case Closed

Type Title / Link Posted By Date Uploaded Comments
upload Kept Private RPA Mailing Center Oct 25, 2012 The following attachment is a copy of the mailed complaint notice that was processed and sent out the Landlord/ Manager.

upload Kept Private RPA Mailing Center Nov 4, 2012 The attached file is a copy of the 2nd written notice that was printed and mailed to the landlord/ manager.

LANDLORD / MGR : Helen Cheng, Piwan Cheng RENTER : Kept Private
Property Name :      
Address : 15679 Webster St Address : Kept Private
City, State - Zip : Omaha, Nebraska - 68118. City, State - Zip : Omaha, Nebraska - 68135.
Phone : Kept Private Phone : Kept Private

COMPLAINT : Harrasment
Fair Resolution according to renter :
  1. Repayment of Lease $21,600.

Address               :   6402 S 162ND TERRACE CIR
City, State - Zip   :   OMAHA, NE - 68135 5400.


I have repeatly ask the Landlord to info me when coming over. I have also repeatly asked the owner not to look in the windows of home or enter the home with out notifing me or my wife in advance. Just last month alone Helen and Piwan Cheng 23 time to the residence which I robert Goday rent from them. 23 times last mont i woke up in the morning to go to work and Helen and Piwan were in the backyard watering the bushes they have spent bewtween 1hour to 2 hours doing this for 23 day striaght i ask the over and over not to come to the residences with out notifing me or my wife Lorrie Goday. I have found numrous times looking in our windows. Yesterday 10/24/2012 Helen and Piwan came over again Helen tried to enter the residence my 5 year old daughter was watching TV in the living room she came screaming and crying in terror cause she didn't know who was entering the home. Then Helen was screaming at my oldest daughter about touchong the glass on the front door. I am highly upset this has been a continues Harrassment I am fed up with it I want to be reimburse for the lease i believe this is fair due to the fact that I will have to locate another home and relocate my family which will also be another expense which i wouldn't need to do if she would just have notified me or my wife before comeing over I do have a log of every event that has taken place iand everytime that i have ask her to stop.

From Date IP Address Response
Renter Dec 16, 2012 1.Since the complaint as been filed i have cuaght Helen Cheng looking in or windows again. She will now cooperate at all.

Agent Date Response
SYSTEM Mar 27, 2013 OFFICIAL COPY OF COMPLAINT: An official copy of the complaint has been requested by the tenant and mailed out by the nearest mailing center. The tenant should receive the copy of complaint within 3 days.

SYSTEM Mar 26, 2013 FORCE REQUIRED! After repeated attempts to resolve this complaint; management has FAILED to comply and requires force. The RPA has taken all reasonable efforts to contact the Landlord / Manager. They have REFUSED all request and will require FORCE. This case is closed with a negative disposition.

SYSTEM Nov 14, 2012 Landlord Third response dead-line November 21, 2012 has been set for complaint 23-0420 .

SYSTEM Nov 14, 2012 FINAL MAIL CONFIRMATION: The landlord has previously been provided with multiple written notices and deadlines to respond to this complaint. The landlord has failed to respond to all written notices sent by the RPA. This is a last and final (3rd Notice) in hopes the landlord will act responsibly and respond to the complaint filed by the tenant. The 3rd and final notice are in route and expected to arrive within 3 days. (FINAL OPPORTUNITY)

SYSTEM Nov 14, 2012 You have missed second deadline.

SYSTEM Nov 4, 2012 Landlord Second response dead-line November 11, 2012 has been set for complaint 23-0420

SYSTEM Nov 4, 2012 2nd MAILING CONFIRMATION: The landlord has failed to respond to the first written notice and deadline. This is the 2nd and Final Notice being mailed to the landlord. The 2nd Notice is in transit and expected to arrive within 3 days. (2nd Notice and Final Notice)

SYSTEM Nov 2, 2012 LANDLORD RESPONSE PAST DUE: The Landlord has failed to respond to the complaint by: November 01, 2012 .The Landlord will be provided a grace period of 3 additional days to respond. CASE IS PENDING LANDLORD RESPONSE.

SYSTEM Oct 25, 2012 PENDING LANDLORD RESPONSE: The landlord or manager have been provided with the following response deadline: October 31, 2012 This deadline provides a reasonable time frame of 3 days for delivery of written notice and 3 days to respond to case # 23-0420 as outlined in the mailed notice. THIS CASE IS PENDING RESPONSE FROM LANDLORD OR MANAGER.

SYSTEM Oct 25, 2012 MAIL CONFIRMATION: The complaint notice has been processed and is currently in route for 23-0420.

SYSTEM Oct 25, 2012 COMPLAINT NOTICE PRINTED: The complaint notice has been successfully transferred to the nearest mailing center and is pending mailing confirmation. For Landlord

SYSTEM Oct 25, 2012 AUTOMATIC EMAIL TO LANDLORD: The system has automatically emailed the landlord a digital complaint notice. Initial Email to Landlord has been sent.

SYSTEM Oct 25, 2012 EMAIL TO TENANT: The system has sent an email to the tenant. The email included a copy of the complaint as filed by the tenant.

SYSTEM Oct 25, 2012 Complaint Accepted by System

SYSTEM Oct 25, 2012 Complaint 23-0420 has been filed.