Landlord Complaint Record: #23-2438

AllTrade Service Solutions/Chateau Village Apartments    |    Lee Passmore    |    Louisville    ,    Kentucky 40204    Landlord Complaint 23-2438

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WARNING! This property/ landlord refused to mediate a fair resolution or response to this complaint. Landlord refused to cooperate.

Case Number : 23-2438 Filing Date : Jul 2, 2013
Investigating Agent : Kept Private Case Disposition : Mediation Refused
Complaint Level : Code Landlord Response : Case Closed

Type Title / Link Posted By Date Uploaded Comments
upload Kept Private RPA Mailing Center Jul 3, 2013 The following attachment is a copy of the mailed complaint notice that was processed and sent out the Landlord/ Manager.

LANDLORD / MGR : Lee Passmore RENTER : Kept Private
Property Name : AllTrade Service Solutions/Chateau Village Apartments      
Address : 615 Baxter Ave Address : Kept Private
City, State - Zip : Louisville, Kentucky - 40204. City, State - Zip : Louisville, Kentucky - 40219.
Phone : Kept Private Phone : Kept Private

COMPLAINT : Bed Bug Extermination Costs
Fair Resolution according to renter :
  1. For the rental property managers pay the extermination bill of $300

Address               :   208 POPLAR LEVEL CT
City, State - Zip   :   LOUISVILLE, KY - 40219 1114.


We are expected to pay the bed bug extermination bill of $300. Our lease doesn't have any clauses that would hold us liable for any extermination charges, and I could not find any state or local law that would hold us liable.

From Date IP Address Response
Renter Jul 10, 2013 There is nothing in our lease agreement that would hold us liable for extermination costs and Kentucky Revised Statute 383.610 subsection 2 states: any new rules or regulations are not valid unless the tenant consents in writing, which we have not. And furthermore statute 383.595 subsection 1b states that it is the landlord's responsibility to make all repairs and do whatever is necessary to put and keep the premises in a fit and habitable condition. It is the landlord's obligation to pay the $300 extermination charge.

Renter Jul 10, 2013 Explain why you can't accept / Offer Alternative Resolution.

Landlord Jul 10, 2013 Explain why you can't accept / Offer Alternative Resolution.

Agent Date Response
SYSTEM May 5, 2014 REFUSED RESOLUTION: The Landlord or Manager has REFUSED to resolve this complaint. The RPA has made beyond reasonable efforts to work with the Landlord / Manger to find a resolution to the complaint. Management has refused all reasonable measures to resolve this complaint. Due to the unwillingness from management , the RPA has no choice but to close this case with a negative disposition. Case Closed.

SYSTEM Jul 11, 2013 LANDLORD RESPONSE PAST DUE: The Landlord has failed to respond to the complaint by: July 10, 2013 .The Landlord will be provided a grace period of 3 additional days to respond. CASE IS PENDING LANDLORD RESPONSE.

SYSTEM Jul 11, 2013 PAST DUE RESPONSE: The Landlord or Manger has FAILED to respond by the deadline set within the complaint notice.

SYSTEM Jul 3, 2013 CERTIFIED MAILING: This case is being sent via USPS Certified Mail:
A duplicate Mailing is also being sent via USPS First Class Mail in case the landlord refuses to sign for Certified Mailing. A signature is required for delivery of this certified complaint notice.

SYSTEM Jul 3, 2013 PENDING LANDLORD RESPONSE: The landlord or manager have been provided with the following response deadline: July 09, 2013 This deadline provides a reasonable time frame of 3 days for delivery of written notice and 3 days to respond to case # 23-2438 as outlined in the mailed notice. THIS CASE IS PENDING RESPONSE FROM LANDLORD OR MANAGER.

SYSTEM Jul 3, 2013 MAIL CONFIRMATION: The complaint notice has been processed and is currently in route for 23-2438.

SYSTEM Jul 3, 2013 COMPLAINT NOTICE PRINTED: The complaint notice has been successfully transferred to the nearest mailing center and is pending mailing confirmation. For Landlord

SYSTEM Jul 3, 2013 AUTOMATIC EMAIL TO LANDLORD: The system has automatically emailed the landlord a digital complaint notice. Initial Email to Landlord has been sent.

SYSTEM Jul 3, 2013 EMAIL TO TENANT: The system has sent an email to the tenant. The email included a copy of the complaint as filed by the tenant.

SYSTEM Jul 3, 2013 Complaint Accepted by RPA and is pending further processing.

SYSTEM Jul 2, 2013 Complaint 23-2438 has been filed and is in queue for further processing. Pending further updates and confirmation of mailing.