Landlord Complaint Record: #23-3028

River Oaks Apartments    |    Tracey Zeleznik    |    Rochester Hills    ,    Michigan 48309    Landlord Complaint 23-3028

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WARNING! This property/ landlord refused to mediate a fair resolution or respond to this
complaint. Landlord refused to cooperate.

REPORT ONLY : This case will not be assigned to an RPA® Agent.
Case Number : 23-3028 Filing Date : Sep 27, 2013
Investigating Agent : N/A (Report Only) Case Disposition : N/A (Report Only)
Complaint Level : Code Landlord Response : N/A (Report Only)

Type Title / Link Posted By Date Uploaded Comments
upload Kept Private RPA Mailing Center Sep 30, 2013 The following attachment is a copy of the mailed complaint notice that was processed and sent out the Landlord/ Manager.

LANDLORD / MGR : Tracey Zeleznik RENTER : Kept Private
Property Name : River Oaks Apartments      
Address : 3200 River Oaks Blvd Address : Kept Private
City, State - Zip : Rochester Hills, Michigan - 48309. City, State - Zip : Rochester Hills, Michigan - 48309.
Phone : Kept Private Phone : Kept Private

COMPLAINT : Privacy Violation
Fair Resolution according to renter :
  1. I want them to discontinue the practice of entering my leased space without proper notice immediately.
  2. I would like information as to why my repeated attempts to contact the manager via e-mail (as I have done since 2009) have been totally ignored. How am I supposed to feel secure if I am not permitted to contact the manager unless I file a complaint with some company?
  3. I would like an apology for their blatant disrespect of my privacy.
  4. I would like instructions outlining how I should request service when my e-mail messages are being ignored by the manager.

Address               :   3110 Fallen Oaks Ct. Apt. 511
City, State - Zip   :   Rochester Hills, Michigan - 48309.


The landlord sent me an e-mail message (9/18/13) indicating that "Preventative Maintenance" would be done in my apartment. The message offered the option of making an appointment to have the work done. I replied with a request for an appointment (9/18/13), which I have ALWAYS done during my residency here (over four years). When I did not receive a reply to my request for an appointment, I sent the manager another message (9/25/13) requesting an appointment and provided a day/date that would be convenient for me and indicated that I would make other arrangements to accommodate River Oaks if that time was not feasible. The next day (9/26/13) I received an emergency telephone call from my burglar alarm service indicating that my apartment had been entered and the motion detector sensed and intruder in my home. When I returned home, I found a note on the floor near the entrance from River Oaks which indicated that "Preventative Maintenance was performed." To date, I have not received any correspondence from River Oaks relative to the unannounced entry to my leased space, them leaving my alarm blaring, or their lack of response to my numerous requests for an appointment. Had I known that my request would not be honored, I could have made arrangements to secure my personal property, including my elderly dog and disarmed the burglar alarm. Since River Oaks offered the option of setting up an appointment, as they always have to my knowledge, I had no reason to assume that they would enter my leased space without my knowledge. I feel that my right to privacy has been violated. I am very concerned for my safety and River Oaks has eroded that by ignoring my efforts to secure myself and my belongings (burglar alarm). It is very disconcerting that River Oaks has violated my privacy in this way and have not even acknowledge this severe breach of trust.

From Date IP Address Response
Renter Oct 7, 2013 1.I would like an explanation as to why the landlord has yet to respond to any e-mail messages sent to them by me. I have communicated with them via e-mail since my initial move-in in 2009. They send me e-mails routinely, but have not responded to my messages. I sent TWO requests to set up an appointment to have "routine maintenance" performed in my apartment. The manager neglected to respond to either written request, authorized an breach of my privacy and has yet to address my written concerns in this manner--as if I were nit repeatedly sending e-mail message to the manager. How am I supposed to feel secure in this environment when the manager refuses to even acknowledge my written messages? I would like an explanation. An apology for the disrespect and violation would be nice, but I will not hold my breath.

Agent Date Response
SYSTEM May 6, 2014 OFFICIAL COPY OF COMPLAINT: An official copy of the complaint has been requested by the tenant and mailed out by the nearest mailing center. The tenant should receive the copy of complaint within 3 days.

SYSTEM May 5, 2014 FORCE REQUIRED! After repeated attempts to resolve this complaint; management has FAILED to comply and requires force. The RPA has taken all reasonable efforts to contact the Landlord / Manager. They have REFUSED all request and will require FORCE. This case is closed with a negative disposition.

SYSTEM Oct 7, 2013 EMAIL TO LANDLORD: The RPA has sent an email reminder to Tracey Zeleznik in request for an immediate response to the complaint. Pending Landlord/ Manager Response.

SYSTEM Oct 7, 2013 PENDING LANDLORD RESPONSE: The complaint case is still pending a response from the Landlord or Manager. The landlord has been requested to respond by end of the day. Case pending update from the landlord or manager.

SYSTEM Sep 30, 2013 Delivery Estimate: The complaint notice sent to Tracey Zeleznik 23-3028 Rochester Hills, Michigan should have arrived or will arrive within 24 hours.

SYSTEM Sep 30, 2013 CERTIFIED MAILING: This case is being sent via USPS Certified Mail:
A duplicate Mailing is also being sent via USPS First Class Mail in case the landlord refuses to sign for Certified Mailing. A signature is required for delivery of this certified complaint notice.

SYSTEM Sep 30, 2013 PENDING LANDLORD RESPONSE: The landlord or manager have been provided with the following response deadline: October 06, 2013 This deadline provides a reasonable time frame of 3 days for delivery of written notice and 3 days to respond to case # 23-3028 as outlined in the mailed notice. THIS CASE IS PENDING RESPONSE FROM LANDLORD OR MANAGER.

SYSTEM Sep 30, 2013 LANDLORD / MANAGER MAILING: Complaint Notice is being delivered to:
Tracey Zeleznik
3200 River Oaks Blvd
Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309

USPS Mail center has confirmed acceptance of the complaint notice parcel and provided confirmation ID:

SYSTEM Sep 30, 2013 MAIL CONFIRMATION: The complaint notice has been processed and is currently in route for 23-3028.

SYSTEM Sep 30, 2013 COMPLAINT NOTICE PRINTED: The complaint notice has been successfully transferred to the nearest mailing center and is pending mailing confirmation.

SYSTEM Sep 30, 2013 Complaint Accepted by RPA and is pending further processing.