Landlord Complaint Record: #23-3522

Wade Mattingly    |    Louisville    ,    Kentucky 40208    Landlord Complaint 23-3522

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CASE DROPPED: This complaint was not worked by the RPA� The case was terminated early and does not impact the landlords rating.

Case Number : 23-3522 Filing Date : Jan 4, 2014
Investigating Agent : Kept Private Case Disposition : Case Dropped
Complaint Level : Code Landlord Response : Case Closed

Type Title / Link Posted By Date Uploaded Comments
upload Kept Private RPA Mailing Center The following attachment is a copy of the mailed complaint notice that was processed and sent out the Landlord/ Manager.

upload Kept Private RPA Mailing Center The attached file is a copy of the 2nd written notice that was printed and mailed to the landlord/ manager.

upload Kept Private RPA Mailing Center This is the 3rd and final notice that was sent to the landlord/ manager. This is the final attempt / notice to request an immediater resolution to the complaint. I has been processed for mailing.

LANDLORD / MGR : Wade Mattingly RENTER : Kept Private
Property Name :      
Address : 1481 South 3rd ST Apt 1 Address : Kept Private
City, State - Zip : Louisville, Kentucky - 40208. City, State - Zip : Edgewood, Kentucky - 41017.
Phone : Kept Private Phone : Kept Private

COMPLAINT : Repair Issues, Illegal Items In Contract, False Advertisement
Fair Resolution according to renter :
  1. Termination Of Lease Without Prejudice
  2. Reimbursement of energy bill due to poor maintenance of pre-existing equipment before/during rental agreement
  3. Return of Security Deposit after any damages (caused by tenants) are agreed upon and deducted.
  4. Any maintenance/consultation fees required in assessing the issue at hand due to the landlords neglect

Address               :   
City, State - Zip   :   , - .


Since moving in we have had issues with the house/landlord including but not limited to; door fixtures, heating and cooling, lack of communication, was not told prior to moving in that the house was priorly CONDEMNED. Fake ventilation in some of the rooms, poor upkeep of equipment prior to us moving in. Illegal Items in the lease. Outdated lease which was not even intended for this property, no dates on the lease, required us to give up some of our rights under KRS.

From Date IP Address Response

Agent Date Response
SYSTEM Jan 4, 2014 CASE CLOSED BY TENANT: The complaint has been closed by the tenant and will no longer be handled by the Rental Protection Agency. Case has been dropped.

SYSTEM Jan 4, 2014 The tenant has closed this case. The RPA will no longer be accepting responses to this complaint.

SYSTEM Jan 4, 2014 The RPA server has sent an initial email complaint notice to Wade Mattingly concerning the Complaint filed by the tenant: Repair Issues, Illegal Items In Contract, False Advertisement. The email address was provided by the tenant at the time of filing.

SYSTEM Jan 4, 2014 An email confirmation was sent to the tenant at 01-04-2014 12:16:58. The email included a confirmation of the complaint filing, case number, and pin.

SYSTEM Jan 4, 2014 CONFIRMATION OF COMPLAINT: A complaint about Repair Issues, Illegal Items in Contract, False Advertisement has been filed pertaining to 23-3522 or Wade Mattingly located in Louisville, Kentucky 40208. Case is pending mailing confirmation.

SYSTEM Jan 4, 2014 Complaint 23-3522 has been filed and is in queue for further processing. Pending further updates and confirmation of mailing.