Landlord Complaint Record: #23-4598

Crosswinds At Tradition    |    Krista Burdine    |    Danville    ,    Indiana 46122    Landlord Complaint 23-4598

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WARNING! This property/ landlord refused to mediate a fair resolution or respond to this
complaint. Landlord refused to cooperate.

Case Number : 23-4598 Filing Date : Aug 11, 2014
Investigating Agent : Kept Private Case Disposition : Force Required
Complaint Level : Code Landlord Response : Case Closed

Type Title / Link Posted By Date Uploaded Comments
upload Kept Private Landlord Aug 11, 2014
This is the signed and agreed to pest control addendum upon move in.

upload Kept Private Landlord Aug 11, 2014
This is the documentation the resident will be picking up after work today.

upload Kept Private RPA Mailing Center Sep 1, 2014 The following attachment is a copy of the mailed complaint notice that was processed and sent out the Landlord/ Manager.

LANDLORD / MGR : Krista Burdine RENTER : Kept Private
Property Name : Crosswinds At Tradition      
Address : 1800 Bent Creek Way Address : Kept Private
City, State - Zip : Danville, Indiana - 46122. City, State - Zip : Danville, Indiana - 46122.
Phone : Kept Private Phone : Kept Private

COMPLAINT : Bed Bugs In Only One Corner Of My Bedroom
Fair Resolution according to renter :
  1. Treatment For Bedbugs For Me And Other 5 Apartments In This Building

Address               :   
City, State - Zip   :   , - .


I realized on July 25 that there were bed bugs in one corner of my apartment. I immediately got rid of the bed ($1800 bed) and cleared out the bedroom. I bought bed bug spray, caulk, and caulked the corner of the room where they were centrally located. I continued to treat and stayed out of that room for 1.5 weeks. The bed bugs are no where but in that corner. Once I thought I would be okay I put my other queen matress in the bedroom and kept it away from the wall just in case. It has been over a week and I still have no bed bugs on the current mattress, they are not in any other location, however this morning I found 2 live ones in that area and sprayed them. I then had maintenance come look and showed him what I have explained here. He checked in other places and saw they are only in that one area. I then called Krista and she told me I needed to get an exterminator out here because they are not responsible for pest control. I make minimum wage, live in income based apartment, I can't afford an exterminator, I barely make my rent and bills. I remember seeing this site and came here for help.

From Date IP Address Response
Renter Aug 11, 2014 1.The exterminator was called by the landlord and they will be out 8/12 in the afternoon. The fee of $350 is still being charged against me. I will be here when the pest control gets here.

Agent Date Response
SYSTEM Dec 12, 2014 FORCE REQUIRED! After repeated attempts to resolve this complaint; management has FAILED to comply and requires force. The RPA has taken all reasonable efforts to contact the Landlord / Manager. They have REFUSED all request and will require FORCE. This case is closed with a negative disposition.

SYSTEM Aug 14, 2014 Delivery Estimate: The complaint notice sent to Krista Burdine Crosswinds At Tradition Danville, Indiana should have arrived or will arrive within 24 hours.

SYSTEM Aug 11, 2014 PENDING LANDLORD RESPONSE: The landlord or manager have been provided with the following response deadline: August 17, 2014 This deadline provides a reasonable time frame of 3 days for delivery of written notice and 3 days to respond to case # 23-4598 as outlined in the mailed notice. THIS CASE IS PENDING RESPONSE FROM LANDLORD OR MANAGER.

SYSTEM Aug 11, 2014 LANDLORD / MANAGER MAILING: Complaint Notice is being delivered to:
Krista Burdine
1800 Bent Creek Way
Danville, Indiana 46122

USPS Mail center has confirmed acceptance of the complaint notice parcel and provided confirmation ID: 0

SYSTEM Aug 11, 2014 MAIL CONFIRMATION: The complaint notice has been processed and is currently in route for 23-4598.

SYSTEM Aug 11, 2014 COMPLAINT NOTICE PRINTED: The complaint notice has been successfully transferred to the nearest mailing center and is pending mailing confirmation.

SYSTEM Aug 11, 2014 Complaint Accepted by RPA and is pending further processing.

SYSTEM Aug 11, 2014 New file uploaded by Landlord.

SYSTEM Aug 11, 2014 New file uploaded by Landlord.

SYSTEM Aug 11, 2014 The RPA server has sent an initial email complaint notice to Krista Burdine Crosswinds At Tradition concerning the Complaint filed by the tenant: Bed Bugs In Only One Corner Of My Bedroom. The email address was provided by the tenant at the time of filing.

SYSTEM Aug 11, 2014 An email confirmation was sent to the tenant at 08-11-2014 10:17:57. The email included a confirmation of the complaint filing, case number, and pin.

SYSTEM Aug 11, 2014 CONFIRMATION OF COMPLAINT: A complaint about Bed bugs in only one corner of my bedroom has been filed pertaining to 23-4598 or Krista Burdine located in Danville, Indiana 46122. Case is pending mailing confirmation.

SYSTEM Aug 11, 2014 Complaint 23-4598 has been filed and is in queue for further processing. Pending further updates and confirmation of mailing.