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Robert Pollock    |    New York    ,    New York 10016    Landlord Complaint 23-4884

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CASE DROPPED: This complaint was not worked by the RPA� The case was terminated early and does not impact the landlords rating.

Case Number : 23-4884 Filing Date : Sep 29, 2014
Investigating Agent : Kept Private Case Disposition : Case Dropped
Complaint Level : Code Landlord Response : Case Closed

Type Title / Link Posted By Date Uploaded Comments
upload Kept Private RPA Mailing Center Sep 29, 2014 The following attachment is a copy of the mailed complaint notice that was processed and sent out the Landlord/ Manager.

LANDLORD / MGR : Robert Pollock RENTER : Kept Private
Property Name :      
Address : 300 East 34th Street Address : Kept Private
City, State - Zip : New York, New York - 10016. City, State - Zip : Fort Lee, New Jersey - 07024.
Phone : Kept Private Phone : Kept Private

COMPLAINT : Bed Bug Infestation
Fair Resolution according to renter :
  1. Purposed Resolution For Bed Bug Infestation Is A Heat Treatment - Only Treatment That Works 100% When Done Right.

Address               :   
City, State - Zip   :   , - .


Upon sleeping in unit Sept 9, 2014, I was awoken by itchiness. Got up, saw bug on wall, killed it. In morning, saw welts on my face & neck. Sept 10, felt itchy at night, & in morning had more welts on my face and neck. Alerted superintendent, who said exterminator would spray for bed bugs the next day. I met exterminator at unit Sept 12, and he said he was not given permission to spray by owner and set out sticky traps instead (expert entomologists not that is ineffective). I was hoping to move my furniture in that weekend, and haven't to hold off until I'm sure bed bugs are gone. I noticed large holes in wall under bathroom sink and in wall next to linen closet, and asked staff to fix that, which they did. I do not know why they were there - staff did fix that; holes in walls lead to infestations more easily. Sept 12, doctor diagnosed as bed bug bites requiring immediate extermination. Emailed to property manager Ted Lecour, who accused me of handwriting prescription myself. I got a call evening of Sept 19 stating an exterminator sprayed for bed bugs. I slept in unit and felt itchy again, and had more welts again on my face. Sept 26, about 15 minutes after laying down, I caught a bug as it began to bite me. Upon examining, it's a non-adult bed bug. I took photographs which are located at According to expert entomologists of bed bugs, the only treatment that works 100% when done properly is heat treatment, which works with one treatment when done properly. The recent publication about that, dated Sept 10, is at Bed bugs are a parasite which cause sleep deprivation, disfiguring welts which scar, anemia, anxiety and depression, populate quickly and exponentially, and spread easily. A domicile is not habitable when it has bed bugs. I'd like to move in to the unit with habitable conditions and request a heat treatment by a competent, professional company that guarantees their work for a minimum of 60 days (this is standard) be done as soon as possible so that occurs. I enjoy the apartment complex very much and would like to live their for many years. Once the bed bug infestation is resolved in the unit, I will be sure this complaint is non-public.

From Date IP Address Response
Renter Oct 3, 2014 1.October 3, 2014: Please place case on hold - desiccant dusts may be resolving the cause of the itchiness and welts at night.

Agent Date Response
SYSTEM Oct 4, 2014 OFFICIAL COPY OF COMPLAINT: An official copy of the complaint has been requested by the tenant and mailed out by the nearest mailing center. The tenant should receive the copy of complaint within 3 days.

SYSTEM Oct 3, 2014 CASE CLOSED BY TENANT: The complaint has been closed by the tenant and will no longer be handled by the Rental Protection Agency. Case has been dropped.

SYSTEM Oct 3, 2014 The tenant has closed this case. The RPA will no longer be accepting responses to this complaint.

SYSTEM Oct 2, 2014 Delivery Estimate: The complaint notice sent to Robert Pollock New York, New York should have arrived or will arrive within 24 hours.

SYSTEM Sep 29, 2014 As per tenant request, a duplicate copy of the Complaint Notice mailed to the Landlord has printed and is in route to the Tenant's address. USPS Mailing Center has provided the confirmation ID: 42304157

SYSTEM Sep 29, 2014 CERTIFIED MAILING: This case is being sent via USPS Certified Mail:
A duplicate Mailing is also being sent via USPS First Class Mail in case the landlord refuses to sign for Certified Mailing. A signature is required for delivery of this certified complaint notice.

SYSTEM Sep 29, 2014 PENDING LANDLORD RESPONSE: The landlord or manager have been provided with the following response deadline: October 05, 2014 This deadline provides a reasonable time frame of 3 days for delivery of written notice and 3 days to respond to case # 23-4884 as outlined in the mailed notice. THIS CASE IS PENDING RESPONSE FROM LANDLORD OR MANAGER.

SYSTEM Sep 29, 2014 LANDLORD / MANAGER MAILING: Complaint Notice is being delivered to:
Robert Pollock
300 East 34th Street
New York, New York 10016

USPS Mail center has confirmed acceptance of the complaint notice parcel and provided confirmation ID: 42304157

SYSTEM Sep 29, 2014 MAIL CONFIRMATION: The complaint notice has been processed and is currently in route for 23-4884.

SYSTEM Sep 29, 2014 COMPLAINT NOTICE PRINTED: The complaint notice has been successfully transferred to the nearest mailing center and is pending mailing confirmation.

SYSTEM Sep 29, 2014 COMPLAINT NOTICE PRINTED: The complaint notice has been successfully transferred to the nearest mailing center and is pending mailing confirmation. For Renter

SYSTEM Sep 29, 2014 Complaint Accepted by RPA and is pending further processing.

SYSTEM Sep 29, 2014 The RPA server has sent an initial email complaint notice to Robert Pollock concerning the Complaint filed by the tenant: Bed Bug Infestation. The email address was provided by the tenant at the time of filing.

SYSTEM Sep 29, 2014 An email confirmation was sent to the tenant at 09-29-2014 13:20:39. The email included a confirmation of the complaint filing, case number, and pin.

SYSTEM Sep 29, 2014 CONFIRMATION OF COMPLAINT: A complaint about Bed Bug Infestation has been filed pertaining to 23-4884 or Robert Pollock located in New York, New York 10016. Case is pending mailing confirmation.

SYSTEM Sep 29, 2014 Complaint 23-4884 has been filed and is in queue for further processing. Pending further updates and confirmation of mailing.