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It's Your Right to File a Complaint:

As a renter you donít need to fear retaliation from your Landlord.It is your legal right to file a complaint with the Rental Protection Agency, regardless of how minor or major your concern.

What is Renter Retaliation:

Landlords that intentionally harm or burden their tenants due to a complaint filed against them are guilty of retaliation. Retaliation is a serious offense that can result in financial damages for your Landlord.

How am I protected:

When the RPA processes your complaint it is documented and provided as proof, this record validates issues between you and your Landlord to ensure conformity of retaliation laws. If you feel you have been retaliated against, you should contact an attorney to determine if you have a valid court case or not. The RPA® doesn't get involved in court the court process; you will need to hire a local attorney to pursue any court action.

Types of Retaliation:

There are many things/ actions that may be considered retaliatory. Drastic changes or increased inconveniences are amongst the most common types of Renter Retaliation. Landlords cannot treat you unfairly, end your lease, evict you, limit access to facilities, reduce heat/air/water/, raise rent, or delay repairs simply because they are upset you filed a complaint against them.

Governing Laws:

Most statutes provide a protection for 6 months from the date of your filed complaint. Landlords that retaliate against you can be punished and ordered to pay restitution for their actions. The burden of proof varies per state however, most states require the renter to prove that the retaliation actions of their landlord are due to the complaint filed.

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