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RPA Mediation Process

Complaints filed with the Rental Protection Agency are processed through a formal mediation. The resolution process is voluntary, however, rights may be enforced by the appropriate local or federal government agency.

Renter Files Complaint:

RPA gathers information from the renter about the complaint, the complaint is processed and assigned to an agent. (typically within 2-4 business days, unless complaint is rushed -24 HR Urgent)

Investigating Agent Reviews Complaint:

An RPA Agent reviews your complaint to determine the best approach needed to resolve the complaint. Agent may contact renter if there are any questions concerning the complaint. Landlord is contacted and allowed to respond to the complaint. (allowed 3 days to respond)

Agent Mediates Case:

The RPA agent acts as the liaison between the renter and landlord/property manger and helps both parties come to a fair agreement.

Case Documentation:

Investigating agents will document the status of the case between both the renter and the landlord. This information is only available to the RPA, Landlord and Renter. This information can be printed as evidence to help with further action and to protect the renter from retaliation attempts.

Authoritative Action:

If the Landlord fails to comply to meet renters rights the RPA will involve the local or federal agency that will act in force to see that your rights are met. Most cases are resolved without force. Fines and punishment are only pursued as a last resort, unless the complaint violates public policy or the safety of said renter.

Case Disposition:

Once both Landlord and Renter have responded to the complaint the RPA agent will then close the case and document the results. If positive action is taken on the part of the Landlord it will create a positive history on the landlords record, however, if the landlord fails to respond in a fair manner the RPA will document that action as a negative mark on the Landlord report- which is available to the public.
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