Am I responsible for this repair?

By Jessica

I am currently in a home lease (7 months in of a 36 month lease) with an option to purchase after 24 months. The landlord put in the lease that we were responsible for all repairs & maintenance. He also put in the house contract that all maintenace is considered routine. I’m not sure why that is even part of the option to purchase contract. I read that Ohio law says the landlord has a responsibility for certain repair and can’t assign that responsibility to the tenant. 

The current issues are a broken garage door opener, garbage disposal, large drain leaking in the basement from the bathtub upstairs, and some sewage from the downstairs bathroom toilet went on the floor. The toilet instead of flushing just went on the floor. The power in that bathroom stopped working so I think that may have caused it. He also had not replaced the air conditioner or put deck railing up as he was required to as part pf the option to purchase contract. The deck has no railings and is sort of unsafe.
If he does not fix the major things in 30 days, can we move out? What happens to the option contract? Is it void? Do we get our $5000 that we put doen for the option? It is non-refundable and will be applied to our down-payment. But the option from my point is dependent on the lease.
Thank you

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August 8th, 2013 7:59 pm

Hi Jessica. So sorry to hear about your problems on maintenance repairs. You are correct it is your landlord’s responsibility to do maintenance repairs on the rental unit and also to make sure that it is safe and in habitable to live in. Since your landlord failed to give this to you then you have all the right to file a complaint against him. You can either file your complaint through your local county or through the RPA. Here is the link to the RPA complaint center


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