Community Fees have doubled in 3 years to $90 per month for a 2 Bed.

By Annoyed Renter

Our community fees have doubled in the 3 years that we have been renting at Cottonwood Terrace Apartments in Colorado Springs. The water costs alone are now $56 per month, which seems insane when you bear in mind the number of apartments here. The total cost is $90. I’m now concerned that they might be "cooking the books" on the community fees and I need to know what rights I have to ensure that there is honesty and transparency.

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August 30th, 2010 12:21 am

It may just be the time of year. I know my water bills are around $120 a month(my home). My tenants pay closer to $85. (Duplex) So, even if you are in a large apartment complex– your water consumption could easily be $56. (especially if they require you to pay for watering of common areas)

If the amounts were extremely out of range, then I would suggest you file a complaint so that it could be investigated. However, the amounts you talk about seem very reasonable for this time of year. Does the property have 1 or more pools? This could also add to your cost if you are required to pay for common areas.


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