How to evict an adult in your household?


A lot of parents nowadays have to deal with living with their adult child who had lost their job, got into a financial crisis or has become very difficult to now impossible to live with in your home.  Parents should bear in mind that even though their children are now adults, they still have to abide by the rules you set in your house. Those rules may include the simplest thing like making sure to keep their rooms clean and orderly and helping out with some household chores to the more serious rule of no bringing of drugs in any form in the house to any sleepovers with the different sex is prohibited.

Once the relationship you have with your adult child is broken down so much that honest talk is no longer an option and you and your family’s safety is on the line, then it is time to take some actions.

  • Start the eviction process. Once things gets out of your hands the best and smart thing to do is write down all expectations you have with living with your adult child, specify the behaviors you do not want to tolerate and have your child sign it. Notarize the document if possible for this can serve as your lease agreement with your child.
  • Get the law on your side. Research your local state laws regarding the eviction process in your area. Once you know your state law then you can go to your local courthouse to file the eviction. After filing all the eviction paperwork, the court will then serve your child with an eviction notice.
  • Serve them notice. Generally after an eviction notice was served, a hearing comes after wherein your child can plead guilty or not. If there is no valid defence made by your adult child then the eviction process will continue.

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