Rights during eviction?

By Robbin

I have been living at these motel/ apartments since november 2010. when i moved in it was on a month to month basis & it was verbally agreed that i cud pay $400 on the 5th & $400 on the 20th of the month. i never signed any kind of lease or agreement, and very often dont get reciepts for the rent when i pay. right now i am $475 behind on my rent, not even afull month.  my landlord has threatened to have my electricity turned off.can he do that? also, can my landlord legally evict me with a 3 day notice.what rights do i have?

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June 16th, 2010 12:27 am

You can be evicted if you are just 1 day late on your rent.  Rental properties are ran much different than other debts that may allow for longer late payments before action is taken against you.  Locally, my water company will shut off water for being 15 days late.  So, if you are late AT ALL, your landlord does have right to evict you for non-payment.
What rights do you have while being evicted?  
A)  Right to move out voluntarily
B)  Right to dispute the eviction through court
C)  Right to bring rent current + fees.
D)  Right to privacy and property during the eviction process.
If your landlord shuts off any utilities as a way to force you to move, it would be illegal and you can call the police to intervene.  You do have rights, but you also have obligations which you are completely at fault.


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