30 day notice to vacate — Help

By Sally Richards

30 day notice to vacate

It’s such a hassle when your landlord doesn’t serve you a 30 day notice to vacate!!!

I don’t know if I could even write this properly. I am really in great disappointment and so annoyed about what happened to me and my family.

I have been renting a house by the lake for more than 3 years already and my youngest kid was born on the said house. I love boating, diving and swimming and I really like the place. There was nothing wrong with our stay at the house and we were living at peace. Not until when the owner decided to give the property to his son. Our landlord was really good natured and I don’t know where his son got his very rough behavior!

Could you imagine it?! He suddenly showed up on our door step and said that we need to vacate his property in 2 days. Is he out of his mind?! Of course I know that a 30 day notice to vacate letter shall be sent with appropriate reasons considering we have not violated any rules on our agreement. Besides, he can’t expect us to vacate in 2 days! He could have at least given us a 30 day notice to vacate!

I am saying all these because this kind of landlord should be given a lesson and I found the just and simplest way to do it. It is through this site, Rental Protection Agency, has helped me so much. Upon filing a complaint, I was issued a case number and one great thing was that my landlord has been given a lesson because his rough attitude is now all over the internet. I didn’t mean him any harm but he started the fight and I should finish it. Thank you Rental Protection Agency! Now people out there don’t have to wait for months or whatsoever just so their cause will be heard especially when talking about tenant notice to vacate and a lot of other stuff.

Take action and complain it to the right people!

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