No heat in apartment

By gidwa

I have a question that needs an urgent reply.  I am doing this for someone my mother knows, so I don’t know all the particulars.  This woman apparently lives in a house that has been separated into apartments.  So, I am assuming she is renting from an individual.  It is very cold in Indiana right now and she has no heat.  She also says she only has one working electrical outlet.  I think she is using a big orange electrical extension cord to run to her bedroom for a space heater.

She has told the landlord and they won’t do anything about it. On a different note, they told her if she moves out she won’t get her deposit back because the guy they used to collect rent/deposits stole it, so they say, she would have to sue him.

I have looked on the internet a little, and the only advice I can find about the heat problem is to sue (in small claims court) and/or call a code enforcement officer to check the house (not sure what that accomplishes for her.  She needs something fast.  She cannot afford a lawyer, small claims court, etc., as she says after rent she only has $20 a week left.

Does anyone know if there is any other agency who has legal jurisdiction over renters/landlords that can help her?  She lives in Noblesville, Indiana, I think.

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January 30th, 2010 4:03 am

Let me get this right… you looked around the internet for options to assist with tenant rights, found the RPA and posted a question here… Uhh, did you stop your research once you got to this site? If you poke around a little you will see that the RPA allows you to file a landlord complaint. Gidwa, all you need to do is file a complaint. The RPA will open a case for your friend and have an agent work to find a resolution. All your friend needs to pay is a processing fee. ($35)

Sorry for the tone of my response– but its quite laughable considering that you already found what you’re looking for and didn’t know it.



November 3rd, 2010 3:34 am

It varies by state, but all states have laws regarding minimum heating requirements for tenants of leased residences. From my own research, it seems that most states have laws which cover certain temperature ranges, and usually only for certain months of the year (the cold months, generally starting on November 1st). Check out what your state laws are. If a law has been broken, then ALL the cards are in YOUR hands. Now… regarding the deposit. The story you were told about having to sue an ex-employee (thief) is pure crap. The thief stole the money from the landlord, not from you. Therefore, it is up to the landlord, not you, to file a police report, or sue, or whatever. The landlord’s responsibility to repay your security deposit remains the same as it ever was. If you rented a car from ABC company, and ABC company was robbed the night before you returned the car, can ABC refuse to pay back any promised refunds to you? Of course not!!

Mr. Soto

November 22nd, 2010 9:25 am

Hi I’m a social worker an always looking for resources for my parents and their families who I serve. In Newark, Its becoming very common for low income families to fall in the hands of some heartless Land Lord, Ex; No heater in two days of a week seems hard; and not only their children but the entire family is sick because of the lack of heat, adding medical bills to the already low budgeted Fam. Also utility bills are becoming curiously Hi, making their bills hard to pay, seems like they are paying four apartments in one electricity bill. I like to browse more this web site; any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you.


December 26th, 2010 7:20 am

Call the city and the police. A landlord has to provide a safe and secure invironment for all of their tenants.


December 27th, 2010 10:39 am

I would recommend calling the Attorney General or file a complain with them online. She could also call for free legal services through the court in her county. The courts can recommend someone for her. Hope this helps, I feel bad but there are too many slum landlords out there these days. I am suing my previous landlord too because she is keeping $800 of my security deposit for reasons that the law does not allow.


November 29th, 2011 1:00 pm

I moved from Fremont Nh to Manchester NH cause it was closer to my work.The apartment I rented is $750.00 per month plus $750.00 sercuity deposit.Which I paid..
In my lease it state heat and hot water included in my rent..Well it is almost December here in New hampshire and my apartment is cold.
I asked everyone in the building if they had heat and they do,I live on the third floor and the guy next to me has heat but I do not.
Now I have texted and called my landlord and complained and they put it on and two days later no heat again.Now her new thing is take a temp.for the next two week and text it to me and I will see what I can do.I also texted and called her son about this then they said we will call the furance man and they did and still nothing has been done..I am really cold and need help with this matter any help out there also if I move out can I get my sercuity deposit back…
I pay my rent on time the reason is in my lease it say if you do not pay your rent on time you have a week to get out it is called non payment to the landlady…

I am so confused and do not know where to go or who to contact…


January 25th, 2013 7:43 am

I have not had heat for 2 months now and it has been in the teens and twentys I have done everything in my power to get her to fix it. Even sent the story to the local news. They were going to run it on the evening news they came to my house and everything but then when they called my landlord to get her side she threaten to sue them if they go further with the story. My local building inspector is coming to the house today to do a inspection and now the landlord is trying to evict me cause i want pay her this months rent. Please some help. I have a 19 month old son and its not fair.


April 9th, 2013 11:16 pm

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April 24th, 2013 2:49 pm

instead of (or in addition to) filing a landlords complaint, can I take the case to a small court? The rental office seem very hard to deal with…


October 5th, 2014 10:38 am

Anonymous you’re going to get that little bitch face beat


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