Abusive Landlord??

By Tenant

We are in the process of moving out of our house.  We have been there for 3 years and our lease is up.  Our landlord has been over during this period maybe 3 times for maintenance, etc.  Now that we are moving out, he calls and leaves me a voicemail with 20 minutes notice that he is coming over to do a walkthrough, change filters, etc.  I have an 18 year old daughter there.  20 minutes doesn’t even give me time to check messages and warn her someone is coming over.  In addition, he has set our water sprinklers to water and padlocked the controls (we are paying the bill).  We just had a period of flash flooding and we were still watering our yard!!  On top of that, he says we need to replace the carpet in two rooms.  We have had pets so I agree it needs to be replaced.  However,  he will not apply our deposit.  He has said that he "does not apply deposits".  We need to have it repaired in order to get our deposit back.  Last item – we have struggled to see our lease through as our financial situation has changed.  He charges us a $250 late fee.  When we make a payment for the next month, he is applying it to the late fee and we are getting charged another late fee because we are "short". 

 We are paid up until the end of the month.  The only thing I want is for him to leave us alone until we finish moving.  Any guidance, feedback, etc.  is appreciated.

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July 27th, 2010 9:48 am

I have been there and been through it also. This is my opinion and not any legal advice and learn from my $3,000.00 mistake for trusting an evil landlords word of mouth.

The late Fee’s? I don’t know what state you are in but check with a community legal help organization and get either their help or legal advice. in dealing the landlord/tenant code where you are.

A landlord isn’t supposed to take anything less than the full rent; if they take “payments” then it makes thing complicated for them and you.

Has the landlord given any writ to pay or quit the property? In my state they will serve you one if you have not paid the rent.

The water issue you have not mentioned what is stated in your lease as to who takes career of the lawn? If they padlock the water controls I would immediately send a written notice to the landlord via certified mail asking why they put a lock on the controls.

When you moved it was there an inventory inspection do to the property with you and did both you and the landlord sign it?

How old is the carpet? Was it just installed when you moved in three years ago?

Finally your “deposit” is it the security deposit?
You questions are too vauge to be more specific.

Go to Legal aid or something like it where you are and get advice.

Martha Canas

January 24th, 2011 12:15 pm

My landlord is very abusive, last nigth I had to call the police because she give a week to leave the room that she is renting me, I paid allready for the month, and after the police leave, she cut the internet and the cable.
I complaint at the county housing affairs, but there is not positive response becuase the landlord is a senior a she is taking advance of that, I don’t know what to do, I just want to leave this month, pacefull, I want she stay away for me, and provide me all the services that I paid.


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