An eviction showed up on my tenant screening report, but I was never evicted

By Angie

I have been apartment hunting and have found out that there is an eviction on my record.

To make a long story short I have never been evicted in my life and my rental record is immaculate. I am a working professional and always had a good job and never a gap of employment. About a year ago I lived at an apartment complex called Holly Ridge out in Gresham Oregon and to make a long story short the staff were incompetent and lost my rent check.

Had the management of contacted me and let me know that they lost my check on accident then I would of been more then happy to write them another check and walk it over to them. However, I was never notified of this issue until I came home one day to an eviction notice on my door for nonpayment of rent. At that point I went to the Accountant and she said to me "What do you expect? Im only one person and I have to keep track of everybodys checks."I responded "You are the Accountant! That is your job!" I went to the Apartment Managers and offered at that time to write them another check but I was told that since it was the 8th and the rent was due on the 5th that it was too late to take my payment and we would just have to ride it out in court. So I went to eviction court a few days later. During the hearing I gave my evidence to the judge and Holly Ridge had nothing to say other then I have been a model tenant for 5 years (Mind you- I only lived there for 6 months) the Judge, Dismissed the case without Prejudice. I actually had no proof that I handed them the check and also had no proof that they lost it other then heresy. It was a catch 22. After that whole experience I ran out of that place like a bat out of hell after I served the terms of my lease.

Below is a copy of the judgement:

Holly Ridge Management originally put this as a bad mark on my credit and the amount they thought I owed them went to collections. I sent the collection agency copies of my paperwork and the negative record was removed and collection efforts were seized by the collection agency. But now, a little more then a year later I am finding out that a couple screening agency’s have me marked down as being evicted even though I was never evicted. One lady I was trying to rent from has been a landlord for over 40 years and she said that when she spoke with the Holly Ridge Staff about me they said I was a lovely person, left the place in good condition and was never late on my rent. ARGGGHHHH! In the end she wouldn’t rent to me because there was still the eviction mark on my renters profile.

I need advice! I wish I never lived at that place because the staff were that incompetant. I am not looking to sue the rental company, I am just looking to get this eviction that is showing up for screening company’s to go away because it is false information. I have since tried to call Holly Ridge again and I get the run around each time. I am so fed up with their stupidity and incompetence. One person in the office will say one thing and another person will say another, all of them contradicting each other which makes me assume that they dont have meetings or communicate with each other about issues. I live in the state of oregon and just need some advice on how to get this sillyness off my rental record so I could get my own place. I live in Portland, Oregon if it helps at all.

Thanks in advance for reading this. 

Edited on: Friday, January 27th, 2012 3:22 pm

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David Margolies

March 2nd, 2012 5:28 am

hmm that stays on for a long time..i think your question should be how long does an eviction stay on the rental history report…


January 10th, 2013 5:33 am has the solution


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