Apartment Air Conditioning

By Jenn

It is the end of March here in Indianpolis but the weather has already reached 73 degrees. I live on an upstairs apartment and the inside temp is averaging 80 degrees because the AC is not working. I have tried three times already to get this repaired as it is very uncomfortable to sit and sweat in your own home. I keep getting excuses as to why they will not repair the unit. The last excuse was that the temp has to reach 78 degrees three consecutive days before they can check the freon. Well, to be honest, when the outside temp hits 78 degrees it will be more like 100 degrees in my apartment. I have done research with the city’s ac repair companies and they have all disproven the last excuse. I have my notes and will deliver them in person today in a final attempt to get this fixed. If they still refuse to fix the ac, what are my rights as a renter? Am I out of luck and forced to live in a very hot environment until they decide they want to fix it? Thank you for your help.

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April 2nd, 2009 7:10 am

Air conditioning is not something that is considered a health violation or hazzard. So, unless you live in a State where the tempature gets to over 100 degrees- its unlikely that your landord is required to repair the air-conditioner. But, don’t fear there are still some options for you. If the air-conditioning is clearly included in the rental agreement you should be able to get them to fix it. If the contract includes the air-conditioner and it stops working, you can claim that management has breached the agreement by not providing the ammenities stated within the agreement. You can send them a letter showing the breach of agreement and request that the repairs be made within a specified period.


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