apartment’s manager try to get more money before we moved,in OKC,OK

By anonymous

Since we started the contract,they never came to repair the leaks in my bathroom.

This apartment is infested with roaches since I rented one year and a half ago
eject an unpleasant odor of zinc from the shower and the drain
fungi everywhere
The walls are in poor condition inside
the dishwasher never worked
bad wiring and bulbs always burn, buy new bulbs every 2 weeks
vandalism, broke the glass door while my esestaba inside the apartment
air gun stole the van of my husband’s job
there are people out until late at night
There are children who make a lot of noise without parental control by
taken at night especially weekends and make noise because they put volumen up the music
security is only 30 minutes and then goes away and does not return
there is never parking available
people park their cars in the forbidden zones and security personnel passes and says nothing
people sit next to parked cars, causing distrust
we are people punctual when paying rent, and now as they know that we’re moving are trying to get extra money from us
the manager had already signed a document to my husband and certify that no longer had any money, and now they left a document in the apartment door that says you approach the office within 48 hours to pay for yet has an outstanding debt and if my husband does not pay for them will be taken as an act of crime.

our contract should have ended a month ago and they refused saying we do not my wife had corresponded but I did since last June 2012 but the secretary just wrote a paper with his handwriting and no longer that secretary works,for them andthe manager told us that secretary did not know her work, we had to stay another month,my wife got sick of the airways and now she uses sprays,and I also sick with allergies and flu like never before happened to me, now we must move to another state,the contract will end September, 2012  and they still want to continue taking money from us. "Summer Oaks Apts",okc.

Please we need your help,we really don’t know what to do,but we know we have rights,my husband is citizen and I’m resident.

Thanks a lot

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January 29th, 2013 11:11 pm

First of all, you may want to have that building checked by the local city authorities in order to ensure that the place is safe to live in. Then, collect all the documents that you have because they can be used as proofs. It’s best to file a complaint so a mediator can come between you and your landlord. It looks like someone else needs to step in if you feel like the situation is only getting worse in between, You can file a complaint here in RPA. I hope this gets resolved for you and your husband.


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