Are we required to provide lock keys?

By ellen

We have rented a small property for the last year from a family trust. We have never been late with rent, have done much property improvement and put up with some inconviences over the year. Our relationship has always been good until this past Fall. The Trust has now changed and we were provided a list of ‘new’ requirements for the lease. One is a quarterly inspection! What?? We have never created damage before and have put about $20,000 improvement into the property. Quarterly inspections are a pain and seems to show a mistrust on their part. Secondly, we have a large outbuilding that is prt of our lease. We completely cleaned it up and my husband has a large investment of tools, so we put hasp locks on the doors, with permission. Now the landlord is wanting keys to shed because, and I qoute, "Its our building and we want access to it" We have never denied them access with 24 hrs notice. Do we have to provide keys to the shed?

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