Bed Bug Issue

By Christine

We have bed bugs and want to file a complaint. We found the first one just two weeks after moving in, neither of us had had any before, none of our former roommates have any at either of the houses we lived in, all of our furniture was ours before we moved in, and we only moved our stuff in friend’s vehicles who did not have bugs. So, we didn’t have any. My husband made the mistake of calling the property management immediately, and when the guy claimed the didn’t have bugs and that we must have brought them in, my husband made the comment that, "maybe, but not likely, it came from a coworker whose coat I hang mine next to stayed at someone’s house and got bed bug bites. Maybe it came from her." This isn’t the case, he followed up with her and she doesn’t have any, and that was three months before we found ours.

 My question is, if we file a complaint with RPA, will his comment be held against us or make our chances worse? If we truly HAD brought them here, we’d pay for it with no questions. But we’ve seen at least 5 mattresses and two couches thrown out in the complex since we’ve been here, and the unit directly next to us was up for rent when we found the bugs, then after we sent a letter of noncompliance to the property management, they took the signs down and tore out the floors and rennovated the place, then put the signs back up and are currently trying to rent it out again. They only responded to say they contacted their lawyers and they are taking no further action and we have to pay to exterminiate.

Even if we do pay to exterminate, the bugs are most likely coming from elsewhere in the building and they’re pulling that good old line of, "you brought them here, we don’t have to pay" like so many other property managers and landlords do. So then they’ll just come back, or get worse in the whole building. 

So, any thoughts?

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Bed Bug Issue

By Nick

I was living in an apartment for 6 months and we had the bed bug issue for the last 2 months, I was frustrated and moved over to a new apartment and somehow they came to know that I had this issue in my previous apartment and they inspected my apartment and found the bugs. I have taken all the precautions I could before I moved to my new apartment, but still couldn’t control these bugs. The new landlords are now saying that they would charge me because I had this issue in my old apartment

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My response: (We welcome stories, examples, explanations, answers and a touch of your personality)


May 2nd, 2013 1:40 am

Sorry to hear about your bed bug problem. I know how you feel right now. I recently experience the same problem and I know for sure all the hassles that comes along with dealing with bed bugs. I believe the one responsible to pay for the bugs should be the one who brought the bugs in in the first place. I would suggest that you hire a professional bed bug exterminator to help you determine how long the bugs have been staying in your apartment and who brought them in. If determined that you did not brought the bugs in then you can ask your landlord to pay for the treatment.


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