Below standard living conditions


There are many things wrong with my apartment. Unfortunately management and maintenance are not willing to fix the problems stating that it would be too much work and they are not willing to end my lease early or relocate me to another unit. I considered sueing them until I read in my lease that if I bring them to court I am responsible for all court fees involved. Management is extremely rude and hostile no matter what I have called them regarding. I have pictures of the problems and feel like my last resort would be to contact the department of health however if they agree the living conditions are not satisfactory I will have no where to go with my dog. First off would be the vent in my bathroom…it connects with my neighbors vent in her bathroom. Every time she turns her vent on it fills my apartment with a horrible stench of cigarettes, weed, and…I don’t know what. Though this may not seem serious, it could be a bigger health hazard over time than I  realize. Second would be my kitchen sink….it is constantly clogged. They had put "acid powder" down it several times and it works for a few days but then stops working. The water just sits there until the drain bubbles and gurgles and it takes forever to go down. They stated that it must be clogged in a main line that they "can’t get to" and there’s "not much we can do". Along with this obnoxious problem is something more severe….sewage like black chunky water backs up into my sink somewhere between 4-6 times a week. It fills my apartment with a smell beyond recognition and contaminates any dishes I have in there. Several sections of pipe under my sink are also leaking which I constantly complain about yet only part of the pipe was replaced. The third and most unsafe hazard of my apartment would be my ceiling and wall. There was serious water damage on it which was covered up with paint. I questioned this before I moved in because I could see the ceiling was distorted and the rental office along with maintenace swore up and down it was from a very long time ago and was perfectly fine…nothing needed to be repaired. As I had no place to live and was naive I took their word for it and moved in. Less than a month after I moved in I heard an obnoxious dripping( I have a sectioned off nook where there’s a stand alone type wall and all the plumbing from upstairs comes down inside). After several nights of going insane listening to my walls I realized the unit above me had a leak and it was dripping down inside my walls and also where all the water damage on the  ceiling is. I called maintenance constantly along with management and complained that I heard water dripping in my walls. Their response was "it’s maintenance repairing a leak upstairs, it’ll stop soon." It didn’t. It got to the point where not only was there a hole formed in the ceiling and water was dripping in my kitchen and living room but the water had soaked the walls from the inside out making them squishy and the carpet wet. I was scared my ceiling and walls were going to collapse. I called management screaming about this and I was told that there was a major leak on the third floor which partially collapsed the ceiling on the second floor which then all came down to my unit. When maintenance came to check the damage(several days later) they said that the carpet would dry up and they sprayed mildew remover on my ceiling. I argued with them about cutting out the section of ceiling and replacing it but they said that’s too much work and it’s too messy. They were only willing to yet again cover it up with paint. I told them to get out and took pictures before they could cover up the evidence. It’s about four months later and I hear dripping again. I’m about to lose it and I need help.

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