Breaking a lease due to bugs

By Kristie

   I found a house online and thought it sounded great. No deposit, only first months rent and only 700 for a 3 bedroom house which allowed pets. The "no deposit" was later changed into a "No deposit but we will require first and last months rent". I did that and the same day the realtor sent her boyfriend to the house for the paper work.

   She had already signed her part and all we needed to do was a walk through with him. We showed him as we did her the ground electrical heaters had no covers and having a 3 year old and a 5 year old, I wanted it fixed. Especially since the heaters stay on non stop. This was never done and in the following weeks more problems popped up.

   First our insect problem. Now I keep my house very clean, spending hours a day scrubbing away bugs but due to holes in every corner of this house as well as all of the windows from the window unit, we have found countless brown recluse spiders and 2 black widows so far. Not to mention ants crawling every corner of the house including out of the remote. Black roaches and bugs I don’t even know the names to. In one night I killed 4 spiders on my ceiling alone.

   The kids keep getting big bug bites and then a prosessor comes by. Apparently looking for the landlord. The court says that the home may be reposessed following a letter from the finance company saying the rental houses were delenquent in payments. The neighborhood is much worse than explained and we are getting fed up.

   Is there anything I can do to break this lease without the penalties? We know no one here and have little income so I feel as if I am stuck here through the full years lease but I can’t even sleep with the bugs crawling and biting me. Any advice would be very much appreciated and sorry for such a long post.

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May 25th, 2011 1:32 pm

Each state has specific rules. You must know your state’s housing division. It has information about cancelling a lease for health safety. Have proofs that you notify them formally like paper trail and keep copies of any medical reports that you received for treatment from bug bites, etc. If they don’t find a remedy, then contact your local housing department for help.


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