brown recluse spiders


I  moved into a garage aparatment in late December of 2010 and signed a one year lease.  In early January I was bitten by a brown recluse spider in my bed!  I was very ill for several weeks.  Recently I saw  more brown recluse spiders so I reported this to my landlord and I brought in an exterminator.  They sprayed and found 6 brown recluse spiders in my apartment.  Ten days later I found another spider in the bathroom.  I called the exterminator back and they sprayed again, but did not find any more brown recluse spiders.  Two days later I found two more brown recluse spiders in my apartment.  I am terrified to be in my apartment!  I cannot sleep and every time even a hair moves on my body, I jump out of my skin.  I want to move out.  I told my landlord and he wants to fumigate now.  What are my obligations to stay in this situation?  Could this situation be considered uninhabitable due to the dangerous nature of the spiders?  Am I obligated to work with my landlord to try to resolve the situation?  At what point do I say enough is enough?

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