Can a landlord charge us for that if they never did a proper check out?

By Chris

We live in Honolulu, Hi. we recently gave our landlord a 30 day notice to vacate two months shy of our lease end date. The reason is the landlord allowed two potential renters to enter our residence without an escort after we asked them to not enter without the owner or a licensed property manager. The landlord lives in the midwest, we asked for a final walk thru and she sent her "house cleaner to complete. The house cleaner refused to give us any documentation as to what if anything was wrong with the property upon move out and refused to go over the inside of the unit with regards to cleanliness, damage or any missing items per the list the landlord used when we moved in. We specifically asked her to note any damages or areas that we may have missed in our efforts to clean the unit. We rented the property for 3 full years, today almost 3 weeks after we moved out we received a invoice for 24,000.00 from the landlord for damages/cleaning/missing items. The unit was cleaned perfect, we willfully requested a walk through of the property upon move out and there was not a licensed property manager or the owner to complete the walk through and again we were refused any documentation or notice of clearance for the cleaning of the property.

We feel the landlord broke the tenant codes of Hawaii in many places, our question is are we going to be liable now for 24,000 in damages even though none of it was documented in the 14 day grace period per the hawaii tenant code and for the fact we were denied any notice or record of any damages at the final walkthrough??

Thanks, Chris

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