Can my Landlord do this?! I do not trust my landlord/Manager and I want out before I move in to avoide problems

By Sara

Property manager, owes a greater duty to my 19 year old son, Basem Istanbouli, who signed a lease agreement for the apartment Philadelphia, PA 19121, while undercostruction and remodling  for him to be able to move in as of November 1st,  2012. Which is stated in the lease agreement, and that was not abided by or delivered by that due date. Which was delayed from their end, for up to two weeks later near the middle of November. There were some issues with both the microwave and the oven door, where it is not working and it was fixed by a piece of duck tape. a   week later my son  went to check in on the apartment  to see if he can move in but he found out that the door for both the microwave and oven was still under order. Also there was a plumbing issue, in which he could not use the shower or the bathroom including the washer and dryer. This all lead to major leaks in the basment which creates an awful foul smell of water residue. Properties without these essential features is uninhabitable.  At that time, my son  decided not to move in till every thing was to be fixed and in order. He kept track with her by even sending her multiple e-mails about the issues with the apartment.

Landlord  recived all the security deposits, the last month rent, and the November rent in advance in the amount of $2700.00 as a direct deposit. Which was transfered on the same day to landlord  way before getting ahold of the apartment. my son acted  professionally with patience and treated Manager with good faith but manager took advantage of our good intention, even while my son had his final exams. For my son, the situation left him with no place of his own to live during this period for his final exams.

I have tried several times to contact Manager by texting her on both her numbers  and also by emails through my son but she never returned my phone calls or texts that were sent on my son’s behalf to save him time while studying for exam finals.

Tenants and landlords each have duties to one another and for Basem, as a tenant did pay the rental dues on time. But he never moved in as of todays date due to  the above mentioned reasons. Regardless,  landlord failed to deliver the mentioned renovations on time allowing the apartment to be in an inhabitable condition, which constitutes a breach of the lease. Since the lease is broken, the landlord is liable for all compensatory damages resulted from that broken lease and should be in the process of refunding the amount of $2700 within ten days.

Poor maintenance and constructions on the property may also cause an injury to my son and his or her guests. I am not willing to let this happen as the condition of the apartment can lead to more severe injuries by using non-professional and unsafe methods to fix things temporarily. The landlord should check the apartment before marketing it as a recently-renovated apartment and as well double check the overall saftey before renting it out to a 19 year old student which is a negligence from the landlord’s end.

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November 30th, 2012 2:39 pm

Basem did his best as a tenant to pay the rent and deposit on time and without fail. Now here mainly i see property managers fault, they need to make sure that all the work is completed at time like you mentioned, bathroom, microwave and door works. It’s a lease broken thing done from landlords perspective, so you have all right on behalf of your son, to file a complaint and get the paid deposit and dues back from property manager. Also you can rate this landlord on RPA, they have a good option on their site, and also in future let Basem knows to use verify landlord records on RPA, it’s superb service. I personally checked and found a good landlord with good image background.
You can rate this landlord here: god bless


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