Can the Apartment Community Do This?

By Jackie Summerlin

After turning in notice to vacate apartment at end of lease term, I was given a packet that included a check-out list of things to do PRIOR to scheduling final walk-thru.  I went through and completed each and every item (one of which was to have carpets professionally cleaned). I had the final walk-thru with the complex manager.  On the walkthru form, he wrote "looks good" on each section. We both signed the form. He did tell me I would be receiving a bill for water charges thru the end of my lease term. I told him that would be fine. I paid the water online, so I would actually catch the bill before I received in the mail.  Manager also stated that he had never seen an apartment so clean!!!  Fourteen days after turning in the keyys and completing the walk-thru, I received a bill for ‘carpet damage" and "water".  I called to speak to the manager and he told me that it was not carpet damage; it was carpet cleaning.  I told him I had the carpets cleaned immediately before the lease was up.  He said he was sorry, but GA law requires the complex to professionally steam clean the carpet after each move out!  He also stated that I was responsible for the bill.  He NEVER mentioned this on the walk-thru, on the lease agreement, or anytime in between. He then told me to forget the water as I was not responsible for the water and that since I was angry, he would accept a total of $100!!!!  I have since called twoce, went by the apartment complex – but to no avail. They either close early or he is not in or he has called out for today.  What is my next step??? I do not feel I should have to pay to have the carpets professionally cleaned two times within a two week period??  If my walk-thru was signed off on by the 2 of us and there was noting wrong mentioned nor were any estimated costs mentioned for carpet cleaning (only water was mentioned) then I should not have to pay the extra carpet cleaning?

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