Can’t afford my rent anymore

By June

I have a question to anyone out there that can help/answer it.  I have been unemployed and living off child support for a year and a half.  I can no longer pay my rent/bills and need to move back in with my mother.  How do I go about getting out of my lease?

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April 19th, 2010 1:19 am

There isn’t an easy way out of your lease agreement.  Just because you can no longer afford to pay rent does not mean that your contractual obligations are null and void.  Think of it like buying a car.  If you buy a car by getting a loan with a bank– if you lose your job or can no longer pay your car payment, the bank isn’t just going to let you come back and drop off the car.  Instead, you will be required to find a way to either pay off your car loan or risk hurting your credit.

As a renter it isn’t that much different.  Your landlord is not going to just let you back out of your obligation to pay rent.  Instead you will need to either find someone to take over your lease (if allowed?? Many lease agreements don’t allow subleasing)  Or, make arrangements to terminate your lease early.  Early lease terminations can be costly and tricky to arrange. 

You can always go through the RPA Complaint Center.  Although technically it is for complaints, you can also use it to help negotiate fair lease termination.  So, if it were me, I would say file a complaint and have the RPA negotiate a lease termination for you.  I mention this because it would only cost you $35 and would most likely get you the best possible solution.  A great option for people that can’t afford the early lease termination fee.

Good luck to you!!  Hopefully you can find employment and not have to stress about this. 


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