carpet stains

By natasha

I moved into a house a year ago and upon moving in the carpet had stains and was not anywhere near perfect, in fact it is probably 10 year old carpet as stated by the owner.  We somehow made a couple of stains from living there, about 3 smaller ones all of which can not be brought up and I understand we should be liable for something but she is wanting us to pay for the whole living to be replaced with brand new carpet. 

 Is there anything we can do about aruing the fact we should be responsible for a portion of the carpet since it is old and already had stains and already probably should have been replaced by now?  What are my options?

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May 27th, 2011 7:04 am

Hi Natasha,
That sounds unfair! I urge you to calculate the cost of the old carpet and that of the replacement carpet of similar quality.
Supposed a carpet has a 15 year life span.

Here is a method of deducting :


Expected life of carpet : 15 years
Depreciation charge : ($1,500 / 15) $100 per year
Age of carpet : 10years
Carpet Life Years Remaining : 15 years – 10 years = 5 years
Value of 5 years Carpet Life Remaining: 5 years * $100 per years = $500 (only,payable for the damaged done to the carpet)

Explain your side and make your landlord understand what you want. I pray that your landlord will respond positively. :)
Hope this will help. :)


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