changing the terms after the fact

By Keiffer

I have a personal legal question, and hope you might be able to tell me if I am being scammed.


My apartment complex put a note on my door  the day before Thanksgiving, saying I have an outstanding balance on my account for pro rated rent from August 2009. (when I moved in)


The original rental agreement had quoted a  pro rated amount ( I moved in mid month) which I paid in Full at the time I moved in  August 2009.


This note came completely out of the blue, and instructed me to include additional money  in December’s rent.  There was a note on almost every door in the complex. (not an understatement)


I do not believe this is legal, as a one week notice, the day before a 4 day holiday weekend, and the fact that I paid the full amount I was told when I moved in. Are they allowed to do this a year and a half after moving in?


They had inspectors out a few weeks back, I think they are selling or refinancing, and this thing on every apartment would definitely  give a false  impression for the December  books. 


Should I pay this?  Is it legal?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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June 3rd, 2011 1:18 pm

Your landlord can only enter rented premises only if there are repairs that needs to be done, in cases of emergency, or to show the property to prospective new tenants or purchasers. Landlords are required to provide advanced notice usually 24 hours, but the notice at least be formal. If your landlord added some amount that needs to be paid, at least you will have the exact outline for the said payment, you have the right to check the record of your payments as well. You don’t want to be paying excess amount of bills or to pay something that is not on the agreement.


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