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My wife and I our two daughter and our grandaughter moved into a three bedroom apartment. (4 plex, 2 on top 2 on bottom) we our on one of the top one’s.  The apartment is infested with cockroaches, the landlord said he had the place sprayed twice before we moved in (moved in beginning of September 2010).  We bomb it before we moved in and my wife and then spent a night and saturated every cabinet, corner, closet in the whole apartment with bug spray and then we saturated it with cleaning supplies (mr. Clean, bleach things like that) then vacuum every cabinet, corner closet and then wipe it all down again with cleaning supplies.  This was just a waste of two days.  The landlord has since had our place along with two others in our complex sprayed twice ( the fouth unit we are told by our landlord that they have a friend spray it and they do not have roaches)  I am going to tell him if they don’t have roaches and their friend spray for them you should stop wasting money on your current service and use their friend, but I know it is a crock of ####.

Can the landlord let us move in knowing their is an infestation?  we do not have the best of credit which is why we had to settle for this apt. and our landlord is making an attempt, but I think it just to quiet us down, I do not believe this situation will resolve itself without having all the units sprayed maybe even tented up.  They just sprayed yesterday and last night I killed about 50 cockroaches.

We have not made one single dinner here, it’s always fastfood or eating at the in-laws, we have not even unpacked our kitchen boxes except for a few  items after the first spray (wishfull thinking) all the kitchen boxes are out on the back balcony getting ready to get rained on. We washed a load of dishes and did not put anything in the cabinets and the damn roaches get into the dishwasher so we just wash the same dishes over and over only using a spoon or  a fork or two.  The landlord gave us 50 dollars off the rent because I told him we had to eat out all the time.  I spent more than that in two nights with the 5 of us.

 The landlord is a nice person and seems to care, but I know this problem has been here for sometime, we can not come up with another first last and deposit and with our credit get another place.  What can we do?

Northern CA



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May 30th, 2011 12:37 pm

If you see cockroaches, try to follow them to figure out where they go. Check all around the house for cracks and holes through which roaches may enter. Seal cracks everywhere you can to keep roaches away. Fill every crack inside every cabinet; fill the cracks on both sides of floor, door, and window moldings; fill all openings around pipes in bathrooms and kitchens. You can also call a pest-control expert. But before you do that, make an arrangement with your landlord.


June 3rd, 2011 12:06 pm

Transferring could be the last thing you do. Transferring stuffs will create more hassle to you, but you can negotiate your landlord instead that you will not pay right if the issue will occur over and over again. You have that right since you are paying and so you need to get back the convenience you deserve in return of the amount you paid. :)


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