Deposit not returned.

By Derek


We are trying to help a 25 y/o get back on her feet. She is on social security at this time but is currently looking for a job. She has a college education so we feel its just a matter of time. She recieves $720 a month social security. We found he a 2br 2bath trailer in a small trailer park. There are about 12 units all owed and rented by the same person.

My wife and the young lady went to speak to the manager. They manager told them that the upfront cost were $500 deposit, $700 monthly rent, and a $200 pet dep. The young lady told the manager that she wanted but did not have all the money. The manager told her she could either pay the $700 rent or the $500 deposit and she would hold it for one month. The manager then told my wife and the young lady that if within 2 weeks you change your mind they would refund her money.

The young lady found out she was going to have to have surgery 10 days after she gave the manager the deposit. She contacted the manager and told her she would have to pass of the rental and could she get her deposit back. The manager told her that the owner was keeping the deposit because she has cost him money. Then I asked my wife to call the manger back and tell her that is they were going to keep the money then they needed to allow her the entire month to come up with the rest so she could move in, which they refused.

This young lady was living in her car for several months when we found out we decided to help her. We really dont have the space or means to do this but our hearts wont allow anything else. I am in complete disbelief that this owner and manager can do this.

 We are going to file a complaint with the rental protection agency I just want to hear some thoughts on the subject..

Side Note: We have the receipt for the $500 and there is no mention of any deadline. Also the younglady never signed the lease, not sure if that makes a difference but I thought it was worth mentioning.

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