Deposit problems

By Savanna

I need information about receiving a deposit back my house that I was renting was cleaned very well when I moved out and I have pictures and the landlord is refusing my deposit back also he has not contacted me since we moved out ive been trying to get him to answer me and it’s been over a month and he just responded what can I do legally?

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Deposit problems


I moved out of my old apartment on January 4, 2011. We signed all the move out papers, and gave them a forwarding address for the deposit to be returned at. We had a move out inspection with maintenance, and he said everything look wonderful, except for some torn blinds that we would have to replace, which was not a big deal to us.
We called 2 weeks later inquiring about our deposit refund, and they said we would be getting about $350 back out of our $450 deposit, and check would be coming soon with an itemization. Then we called back 2 weeks later, saying we still haven’t recieved anything, and they said that now we owed them an additional $240 on top of taking our whole $450 deposit, and again, that the bill would be coming in the mail. In this charge included about a $400 carpet charge, which after us living there for only 2 months was tearing up at the seam. They had someone come in and "fix it" after we complained about it, which all they did was attempt to sew the seam back together and they flat out told us that it would just keep coming apart because they built these apartments up way too fast with poor quality. We had a talk with our maintenance about this before we moved out, and he said we would NOT be charged for the carpet. They also added in a charge for a full replacement of vinyl, which I haven’t the slightest clue where they would replace this at, we never had any problem with the vinyl.

It has now been over a month, and after calling them multiple times for the itemized bill, it’s still not here. In Nebraska the law states that they have 14 days to either refund the deposit, or mail us a list of charges and an explanation of why we wouldn’t be getting our full deposit refunded. We have gotten nothing at all from them after trying to reach them day after day. Does this mean since they have not done this that we will have a right to our full deposit back regardless? Instead of arguing with them about unfair charges, it would be a lot easier that since they have not been cooperating with us and have not just sent us a simple bill after we have requested it multiple times, that since they are out of the 14 days (by far) that they would just simply owe us back our deposit.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

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My response: (We welcome stories, examples, explanations, answers and a touch of your personality)


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