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I just recently moved out of my very first rental…I was in the rental for 5 years.  When I moved in I had a young man do my walk through.  I saw all kinds of problems and issues, but again this was my first rental, he advised me not to worry about it so much and that they just wanted a good tenant in the home.  My walk thru was 1 page long.  5 years later I found a new home in a more desirable area (my landlord is now my brother) with better schools for my kids etc…well I just received my estimate on where my deposit is going.  I cleaned the house as best I could, but had a family emergency so left a few things undone.  The company is trying to charge me 2550$ above my deposit.  When I moved in the carpet was frayed and pulled back in areas, in the basement, it was not even tacked down (all on my original walk thru) the home was extremely moist and mold would grow on my childrens windows and it got so bad one year, that it actually bubbled the paint on the ceiling.  I notified the landlord and they told me it was just moisture and to keep the windows open for a few hours each day (it was the dead of winter in Spokane wa…) and again right before I moved out I notified them again, I told them I clean them every spring when I pull the plastic off…at the same time I told them the shower door was broken and the whole stall was falling off…they are charging me for this as well…I have never had to deal with ny of this before.  I am an honest person and more than happy to take care of the damages I did cause, but after a 5 year tenancy and a family of 5 the normal wera and tear is a bit more than a single person…I did break the oven and offered to replace it, I also, like I said had a family emergency so I was unable to finish up ( I left a dump load in the back yard and a fridge in the house- I was supposed to trade it or a new stove) aside from that, IO was told not to worry about cleaning up the mold, as they were going to replace the old windows with vinyl…My original walk thru paperwork is one page total- the paperwork they used for the move out inspection is 4 pages long and has things on it that were never inspected when I moved in…I just need some round about advice.  I was told that in the state of washington they are required to paint and replace carpet ater a certain amount of time…the carpet was at LEAST two years old if not older when I moved in, like I said it was fraying.  Alos, my husband is a painter and the interior was painted not even 6 months ago…so please if anyone knows anything about the laws in washington state I would appreciate some advice.  Again, I am more than happy to take care of my share of damage ( I do have three kids and we were there for 5 years, so there is a certain amount of damage) however, I feel that 2550$ is excessive.

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