Dishwasher not cleaning

By Tenant

I have been in my apartment since Sept 2007. About a month ago, the dishwasher stopped cleaning properly, leaving a white filmy residue on almost everything. It took almost 2 weeks before maintenance came by to check on it. The giy said it seems to be working all functions properly but because I did not have the dry heat switch turned on, that was probably what was causing the problem. Well, first load after he came, problem not fixed. A week later the head of maintenance came over and said there appeared to be a calcium buildup causing it. He ran a complete cycle with some chemical agent to clean it out, then a complete cycle to do a full rinse. First load after he had done this, problem still not fixed. At what point am I entitled to say enough is enough, I am tired of not being able to have clean pots and pans unless I wash them by hand. My rent is for my apartment and functioning appliances supplied by landlord. If I am one day late with my rent I get hit with a late fee, so why is landlord allowed to drag their feet for a month on getting me a properly functioning dishwasher?

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June 3rd, 2009 6:28 am

Come on, are you serious? The dishwasher is functioning as per your agreement. The white film is most likely hard water spots and probably has nothing to do with the actual dishwasher. Most likely the problem is from the water source which could have been changed by the city. Try using a liquid drying agent to fix the problem.
Based on your blog, it sounds like management has been on top of things and has done everything in their power to resolve the problem. If you still think its due to the dishwasher you should hire an appliance repairman to confirm what the problem is, then you can ask management to pay for the repair– but still I think you are out of your mind for getting so worked up over hard water spots.


June 3rd, 2009 8:00 am

Have you tried using Jet Dry? I added that to my dishwasher and the water spots magically disappeared. Although, old dishwashers might not have a spot for it. I have a Whirlpool dishwasher that has a special compartment for the Jet Dry. That should help. :)


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