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i rented my apt. 2 years ago at 645.00 a month.  now after two years it is 780.00 a month. I am a single mother who moved in new city to take on a job after I seperated from my husband. I had one full time job and a part time job but part time job was lost due to some health issues i have. At 645.00 and even 700.00 a month I was doing o.k. but now they just keep hiking up my rent and I am struggling from check to check. Then my dad was med-flighted to a hospital after he was in car accident with a semi.  thank god he survived but in order to see him and go back and fourth everytime he took a turn for the worse i had to use my rent money for gas so i could be by his side. I called the landlord and asked her not to cash the check for 5 days but she did it anyways so of course it bounced. so now i had to pay an extra 150.00 to cover overdraft charges and the late fees. So now i didnt have enough for the rent and basically said forget it and paid my utilities out of that check since i was late already and had to pay the late charge anyways and figured i would use next check to pay that months rent. but i got a eviction notice instead.  i told her i would give my months notice now then and move out, but she said i had to pay for that months rent and 2 more months since i have to give a two months notice and not a months notice.  so i guess my question is…if im evicted, do i still owe for that two months or do i pay up until the day im evicted? i guess im wondering because in order to move out i need every dime i can get to do it and i want to just pay some money when i have some to spare to give them. so then i dont have the whole amount to pay when it comes time to pay them.  thanks!

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February 14th, 2014 5:29 pm

1. Read what your lease says on how much notice you need to give. If you are on a M2M lease, usually it is only 30 days, but yours may differ.

If you are evicted, your landlord can go to court and recoup the remainder of your lease, their legal fees and any damages there may be to the apartment. This will be more than just two months worth of rent. (probably closer to 4)

Evictions are also a black mark on your credit report and can follow you around for a very long time jeopardizing your ability to rent in the future.

Work it out with your landlord, go to mediation if necessary (most cities have one). If you can find a replacement tenant, your landlord may only charge you 1 month’s rent instead of two, since you did the legwork to find a new tenant for them.

Work it out. Avoid eviction.


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