Eviction Extension???


I RECIEVD A 30 Day notice in early dec stating i have to leave by the 2nd of jan. i at least need two more days and the manager at my complex is telling me that it’s not in their hands anymore but, the lawyers that have yet to get back to me after leaving numerous messages. what do?

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January 4th, 2010 1:44 pm

If it is no longer in the hands of your apartment manager, you are probably being evicted. To better understand your situation so that I can help you better can you give us some more explanation as to why they gave you a notice to leave? Have you already been served court papers? There are a lot of questions I have in order to help you with this problem.

Most likely you are being evicted for non-payment, right? If so, I suggest you get your most expensive valuables moved to a safe spot or you could have them confiscated by the attorney until you render full payment. Tell us more about your situation so we can better answer your questions.


October 4th, 2010 11:54 am


Pamela Lopes

October 18th, 2011 11:58 am

I’m a renter, and have been living in the same house for seven years…..I am a very good tenant, and have taken very good care of the house. There have been occasions over the last seven years, where I have struggled and had to pay rent in two increments(late charge included), but always asked the owner for permission before doing so.

Six months ago, I lost my job of 10 years, and have struggled with my rent due to unemployment. The first two months of unemployment I was able to pay all of the rent on the first of each month, but the last four months have been a struggle. I have had to pay rent in two payments (with late fee). Last week, I received a letter in the mail to vacate by December 2, with absolutely no reason as to why. Is there anything I can do to stop, or slow down the eviction? Do I have any rights?


July 28th, 2012 7:09 pm

I went court on Tuesday and the judge ordered me evicted without reviewing any of my evidence. I want to file an appeal. My case wasn’t about late payments, it was about a lease issue. My current lease expired on April 30th, 2012. I had been paying the same amount after the lease ended. On June 6th, 2012, my landlord posted a notice on my door giving me 15 day to sign a new lease and agree to an increase from $550.00 to $600.00 monthly and an increase of security deposit from $300.00 to $600.00. On June 20th, I contacted the landlord and informed him that my fiancee & I would like to renew the lease. The landlord informed me that he would check my file & get back with me in a couple of days. I never heard from him. On July 2nd, I mailed the rent payment out in the new rent amount. On July 5th, I received an eviction notice from the sheriff”s dept. I replyed the next day. I stopped payment on rent payment & purchased a cashiers check instead. I was given a court date of July 23 @ 10:30 am. When I arrived @ court on Monday July 23@ 10:30, I was informed that the court date had been changed to July 24 @ 8:30am & that I need to deposit the rent into the clerk of court depository. Which I did. On July 24th, I went to court. The judge was upset that I placed a stop payment on the rent for July and did not provide a copy to the court. I explained to the judge that I did provide the clerk with a copy when I responed to the eviction notice on July 6th and that I had used those rent funds to get a cashiers check made out to the landlord on the July 6th as well. The judge refused to look at any of my copies. The judge asked me why didn’t I renew the lease within the 15 day that the landlord had requested. I informed the judge that I had contacted the landlord within the timeframe on June 20th & that the landlord stated that he would get back with me, but he never did. I had a copy of my cell phone bill that showed the call placed on June 20th, but the judge again refused to look at any of my documents. The judge said it was my responsibility to make sure that the lease got signed before June 21st. I reminded the judge that the landlord never gave me a lease to sign & never responed to me. I asked the judge “what was I suppose to do, go in the office and make him give me the lease to sign?” The judge still said it was my responsibility. The judge said that I have until July 31st, 2012 to move out. However, I fractured my leg on Wednesday and need addictional days to move out.


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