Eviction on credit report

By Barber

Hello, we come from a really small community. We rented a house and had no problems for 3 years. Our current property manager became seriously ill, and stepped down. When the new property manager came to meet us, it was horryfying, he was a man whom my husband had testified against in in a criminal case years before. There reason for the eviction was that they needed us out because the house needed to be remolded. I believe the eviction itself was done totally out of spitefulness, due to the fact that my husband testified against him. We had a meeting with the parties in this case outside the courtroom, and came to a personal aggreement: we no longer wanted to live there due to the fact that we didn’t feel safe with that property manager, and we would not contest the eviction at all, because we wanted to move out immediately. So, they decided they didnt want to continue jumpiong through all of these legal hoops, due to the fact that there were not any arrears in rent, and we would be moving out expeditiously. When we entered the coutroom. the lawyer stated that we had resolved this matter privately, and the eviction process was no longer needed.

I became appalled today, when trying to rent a property, I was told that there was an eviction on my record. It shouldnt be there because they dropped the eviction. Even on my credit report the judgement, and monetary judgement areas are blank. If there was a completed eviction it would have the results of that in those boxes. I am not wanting to challenge that at this point because the date of the filed eviction is7/02, and I am hoping that it will drop of July 1, because it will be seven years old at that point.

What happens if it isnt removed? What actions can I take? Are evictions supossed to be dropped after seven years?

Thak You,


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