florida landlord tenant law

By Kristin Ward

My question involves florida landlord tenant law
I own a small complex, 5 apartments, and recently lost a tenant who was moving out of state. I immediately got two applicants both which I screened using http://www.tenantverification.com/. The first of the two had decent credit and met my income requirements but the second had outstanding credit and a higher income. I screened both tenants together. I also made no promises to either beyond considering them. I offered the second tenant the apartment. However afterward I started receiving phone calls from the other applicant claiming discrimination. The applicant complaining is a male in his earlier 20s and the second applicant is a woman in her 40s. My decision was based off of the results of the credit report and income. However he claims I didn’t rent to him because of his age.
I still have both applications which have their income and their permission to let me screen them. I also have both the reports. I do have a larger portion of tenants who are older. Mostly due to the fact that like in this instance they have the better credit. I do rent to a couple in their 20’s and a gentleman in his early 30s with an 8 year old. Both applicants are white, have no criminal record and no prior evictions. The guy has only rented from one other person.
If this guy takes me to court like he keeps threatening can he win?

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December 23rd, 2012 12:19 pm

In this situation you have done the necessary things a landlord must do in order to protect the apartment and ensure proper payment in the future. But if he insist on discrimination, it would usually depend on what he means by it. The best way for this is to seek for a legal aid in case the applicant would file a case against you.


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