Friend evicted, landlord upset

By Delila

This is a house sectioned into apartments. My neighbors have recently been evicted because they haven’t been able to pay rent with one unemployed, the other having a part time job and an infant. The infant had a rash for the entire time she had been there (born about 6 months ago, they moved in a year ago), and the mother complained that it may have been due to bed bugs in the bedroom where the baby  stayed most of the time. They gave me the furniture from their livingroom, and because of the mother’s continuing complaints about possible bug infestation in the bedroom, my landlord is demanding that I remove all of their posessions, even though the problem was only with the bedroom. (he knows about the furniture in my apartment because of nosey neighbors)

Does the landlord have a right to tell me to get rid of my new furniture?

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February 16th, 2009 4:27 pm

Getting rid of bed bugs can be a nasty thing. I suggest you inspect the furniture for any signs of the creatures. If their are any signs of the bed bugs, I suggest getting rid of your furniture. I don’t blaim your landlord for asking you to get rid of the furniture, but the law will not allow him to force you to get rid of your furniture, so he can ask but can’t demand.
Bed bugs can spread through the home, so be cautious. There are products that can be purchased to get rid of bed bugs, so if nothing else, I would work with your landlord to let him know that you are going to treat the furniture and unit so as not to spread the bugs.


February 18th, 2009 1:59 pm

Are you serious?! You actually want furniture that has been exposed to bed bugs. eeeewwww! That’s just wrong. I don’t think the landlord should force you to get rid of it, but still Bed Bugs, are you serious. Get rid of that stuff before they ruin your home. Yuckity yuck!


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