Help…Landlord Won’t do repairs

By Desiree

I currently live in Texs in Trailer Park Community that I so fondly call home…….not. But it is where I live and it is where I have to be. But Im having issues. We rented our trailer on Aug 2010 and when we moved in there was a whole in the floor in fron of the washing machine area (covered by flooring….the previous tenants did not inform the the landlord that the washer connections were leaking so it created a hole in the floor), a whole in the floor in the living room (someone had filled ti with plastic and put carpet over it…but you could still see it), the washer connections leaked, and the shower in the master bedrrom leaked thru the wall and in to the master bedroom. Since then we have finally gotten the washer connections fixed…..that took 2 months, the leak in the shower has been fixed but we found other problems. When it rains the window in or 2nd bedroom leaks….my 17 month old daughter sleeps in there so Im sure we have mold growing there……Im sure there is mold in the wall where the washer connecttions are cause I know he didnt look at that when he fixed the connections…..the hole in the floor is still there but because the shower leaked for sometime before we got there after it got fixed we woke up in the middle of the night because our bed had fallen thru the floor due to water damage…those holes are still there. We have on multiple occasions told our landlord about the issues but he has no sense of time or urgency. If my child gets sick due to the mold I wont be very happy and she could fall thru the floor because of the hole in the washer area. I want to report him for unsafe living conditions but Im not sure of who to contact.



Please Help!

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