Help! What are my rights?

By Heather

I lived in my apartment for a year, after my lease was up I went month to month. On August 27th I moved part of my furniture out of my apartment into my new house with intentions of cleaning up my apartment before giving the 30 day notice. On the 28th my entire apartment flooded to wear water was coming outside due to a valve on my toilet snapping. My apartment called me and I went to see the damage. The Manager asked me if I was moving and I told her I do plan on moving but have not given the 30 day notice yet and she told me I would not have to worry about repairs. I paid for the entire month of September because I had to wait for my mom to come and sign the 30 day notice, no repairs were made on the broken toilet and the carpet was not replaced. On Oct 1st I gave the manager the 30 day noticed and asked how much I owed, she. At first she tried saying that I was breaking my lease, and I informed her that I didn’t break my lease and that I paid for September’s rent and had not given my proper 30 day notice, which I was handing her that day. Apparently in her mind she had thought that I was going to be moved out at the end of September and misunderstood me, so she and her superviser waived my 30 day notice and told me they would only prorate me for 5 days to get the rest of my belongings out of the apartment which I did and I still cleaned the apartment when she told me not to. I called today and a leasing agent said that whatever I owed will be taken out of my deposit and the remaining balance will be billed to me once the manager approved it. I paid not only a deposit on the apartment but I also paid a pet deposit which 200 was refundable. Can they charge me still for the damage apartment that the flood caused? Can I get my rent back from September and my deposit?

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