Help with my neighbor!!!

By Nicole


I need some advice and quickly!! I have been renting my apartment since Feb. 2013. When I first moved in my neighbor complained that I was being to noisy on move in day. She went straight to property management, never even introduced herself. Then the complaints about the dogs(which I pay extra for and are on the lease) started coming in. I have done everything to pacify the complaints such as moving them as far away as I could from our adjoining wall. About 2 months after I had lived there the property manager supposedly even came to my neighbors apartment to see what all the fuss was about and I hadn’t heard anything since. I assumed the problem was taken care of.

But unfortunatly, fast foward to now…a week ago I receieved a letter stating numerous complaints about my "dogs" barking all hours of the day and night and that if I didn’t take the complaints seriously I would be forced to get rid of them. A lot has changed since the first complaints. Firstly, my boyfriend has moved out leaving me with just one dog, so there is not 2 dogs here but one. Secondly, my mother has been coming over and getting the dog during the day and keeping him till I get off work so the dog can not be barking all hours of the day because he is not there. I’m not denying that my dog doesn’t bark. Yes he does, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable. He will bark if someone is at the door or if he sees a neighbor walking their dog past my window and all I have to do is tell him no and he shuts up. I was curious to see what he did when I wasn’t there in the couple hours he’s there before my mom comes and gets him so I have been recording him. All of my recordings are the same, he whines for about 30 seconds when I first leave and then the rest of the recording is quiet. I went to all the other neighbors and found that no one has a problem except for her. She has also to this day never introduced herself to me. So I took all this info to the property manager and let her know that if it came down to it I wouldn’t give up my dog without a fight. She seems to agree with me and said my neighbor has been making her life miserable because she keeps going over her head and complaining directly to cooperate and by-passing the property manager all together.

After talking with property management, I decided I would try and talk to the neighbor and reason with her and see what she had to say and try and work something out. Well she refused to answer her door to even talk to me. Now I’m starting to think this lady is a little strange. I go home and write her a note apologizing if my dog as caused her any inconvience and that as soon as my lease is up I will be gone because I couldn’t deal with this stress anymore. I taped the note to her door. The next day she came over after work, apologizing for causing me any problems and that she was glad that someones been coming to get the dog because it’s been fairly quiet. I think to myself, problem solved! Unfortunatly, I was wrong this time as well. The next day my mom goes over to get the dog, like she has been for the past 2 months. As she is walking out of my apartment with the dog, my neighbor walks up to her and immediatly starts screaming in my mother’s face and waving her hands all around, calling my mother every name in the book and basically verbally accosting her. My dad was witness to this as well, as he was waiting in the car for my mom to get the dog. My mother immediatly calls my property manager to let her know what happened and then calls me in tears she is so upset. I am at a loss and don’t know what to do. I know my neighbor has a right to enjoy her home quietly but come on, we share a wall you can’t expect total quiet 24/7. I know I also have a right to enjoy my home without having to walk on eggshells. At this point it seems like management wants no part of this. What can I do? Frankly, I am starting to think that this lady is a little off her rocker and I am kind of scared for me and my dog’s safety and I’m kind of afraid to run into her again. What are my options here? Do I have any legal options? Please help!!!!!

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