Help with the SlumLord!!

By kathy

Hello, I have been renting this apartment for about 13 months now.  I live in Wisconsin, and sometimes it can get pretty cold here.  The heater doesn’t work, the shower or tub doesn’t work either.  The toilet pipe busted open and water was everywhere, I called him in the middle of trying to stop the water and he said he was on the way never to show up at all.  The kitchen pipes also have busted on me while washing dishes, just for him to blame it on me.  There was a river in the kitchen behind that.  The lady upstairs took in upon herself to put her dryer in the basement on my outlet because hers doesn’t work and I don’t have a dryer which made my electric bill go up, he just now fixed that after four months.  I have asked the landlord several times to fix these things but all he wants is his rent. The bank people have been coming by and calling my phone (I don’t know how they got access to my number) trying to find the landlord because he hasn’t paid the mortgage in a while and it was/is  in pre-foreclosure.  I recently found out that he is trying to do a re-modification on this building but he doesn’t live here….Should I report him for fraud?? What should I do?

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December 4th, 2012 11:03 am

Kathy, you are in a dim situation now. The water busted almost from everywhere in room, bathroom, kitchen , basement. You need to check before renting any apartment, how it is and how is the manager or landlord of any particular apartment before renting. You can check it here:
All this busted problem of pipe should be repaired by your landlord and also the lady upstair don’t have any right to connect her dryer to your electric socket, this is illegal. Take this up with your landlord. If he is not replying file a complaint. Report him for fraud, he gave you apartment having all nuts and bolts loose for pipes, and also on repeated call didn’t hear you. Most importantly your number is given to bank people which comes and harass you.
Hey i checked a good link where you can file a complaint and it only cost 35$, They provide you seasoned RPA agent once you file a complaint, who handle your case really well. Good Luck.


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