house infested with bed bugs

By why me

it is currently only jan twenty fifth i moved here from a house i had been at for four years and neva encountered nor knew the shame nor harm bedbugs did to u. i have very sencitive skin like no other . i moved in this house jan first and started noticin my body breakin out and itchin and burnin but i thought this was due to the new air etc as time passed my reaction to this is above and beyound my body swells so large it looks as if i have extra limbs ive spoken to my landlord and made him aware of what i know now as bedbugs are in my house and are feastin on my and only me i have three children my sis and my mom also lives with me and only i have this reactions ive seen one crawlin across my bed and my mother killed itwit  her fingers it poped and blood came out and showed this to my landlord he still doesnt wanna fix da problem this is crazymaddness and i need help i asked him to pay for the heat treatment he tells me to jus move …..wat? i jus moved here if he doesnt get the treatment if i have to move shouldnt he have to pay me my rent back security and movin expenses? i jus got here …. whn i first looked at the place he told me the women who lived here bfor was here only three months and moved hummmm but whn i asked him recently why again did she move he says awe it wasnt cus of bugs it was cus she dint pay rent i really dnt believe tht can someone plz help me cuz im ready to cry and i fear for my childrens safety 

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