Illegal Apartment

By pooks

I just found out my apartment I’m renting is illegal. I found this out through the town hall. Am I required to continue to pay rent? At the same time she is trying to evict us. I don’t understand how you evict someone from an illegal apartment. Someone please help!

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Illegal apartment

By Jonathan

I am in a 1 family house that was converted illegally by landlord into a 2 family house.  The illegal apartment I am renting is on the top floor and the main floor is rented by a family member w/c now is in court with the landlord trying to evict them. Court date is set for next week. There are issues with the house with town inspectors, several tickets were issued. My question is… Should I keep my place? Should I hold all my payments until the court issue is settled?

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My response: (We welcome stories, examples, explanations, answers and a touch of your personality)


July 28th, 2008 6:50 am

I would suggest hiring an attorney. Evictions can hurt your credit report, so with holding rent is not a good idea, it will only lead to eviction. Also, if you have a contract with the landlord, when you stop paying rent he can charge you additional fees including costly attorney fees. I wouldn’t do anything that would be considered a breach of contract.


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