Illegal or what?


Is is illegal for Calif landlords to nail your windows shut?
Are Calif landlords allowed to overcharge you for rent (ie. Rented us a 2 bedroom but legally its a one bedroom)?

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August 11th, 2010 7:42 pm

I signed the lease for 14 months. When I moved-in power was off – two days without electricity, hot water, and A/C. During first two months refrigerator was broken (fixed after 3 days), dishwasher didn’t work (during 11 days changed), A/C wasn’t work (first time for 56 hours, outside was almost 90F, second time (within 2 weeks) 18 hours), mail box broken (fixed by myself), laundromat doesn’t work for one week, dryer doesn’t work for two weeks, one from two elevators doesn’t work constantly, parking is terrible, noise during night from 24/7 running artificial waterfall (pool), after rain water stays on balcony (impossible to use balcony), roaches in the kitchen.
Is it possible somehow to break a lease without paying penalty (rent of 2 moths)?


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