Invasion of Privacy?

By Mary

I have a large problem. My husband and I live on the ground floor, “garden level” of a brownstone. I work from home, and this summer my landlord has been out in the backyard every other day–no rhyme or reason to his madness (except to get away from the ball and chain, literally) and this has resulted in him using power tools at 9am on Saturdays and also showing up in the backyard as soon as I get up in the morning. On multiple occasions I have been caught naked after a shower or in my underwear with him peering through either the dining room window or kitchen door. I bought a frosted glass cling for the kitchen (as it it directly across from the bathroom) and shut the blinds whenever I can, but sometimes it’s just too dark in there, so I tend to leave them open in the morning and close them accordingly when he shows up. As well, I find him in our hallway a lot and once couldn’t get to my front door because he had spread out his power tools everywhere.
This morning he brought workers into the backyard and dug up all of the slate, and I had slept naked and had to scramble to  get a robe on as the landlord and workers were all in plain view. I have implored him to give me notice, not only for my privacy, but also so I can make other arrangements for work. He absolutely does not care, and as a result we’re moving next month.
My question is: how can I make it through this month without losing my mind? Does anyone have any strategies for dealing with him? Because I am often alone in my apartment, I haven’t felt comfortable going to the police about the peeping issue, as it will be a “he said she said” situation with no witnesses. It has been a summer of incredible stress having to sneak around in my own apartment. At this point I feel like I’m being pushed over the edge. Help!

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Leontiy Taube

October 9th, 2010 4:16 pm

On September, 30 2010 my wife and i received a letter from “Law Offices Of Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP” stating that we will be evicted and court action will be taken against us because of an unlawful detainee. “Ivan” a relative of a previous upstairs neighbor showed up uninvited asking for his a glass of water. So we gave him water since it is humane to do so.
Ivan was not our guest at any time. A short time after he left I myself a 82 year old senior with severe heart complications and high blood pressure and my spouse 81 laid down to rest. Moments later several Police Officers stormed our Apartment Unit without notice and startled my spouse and I. My blood pressure elevated and i started shaking as I was frightened and was not aware of what was going on. The Police Officers were mad and yelling on the top of their lungs. I do not speak English, and had no idea what was going on. They started searching our Apartment unit and going through all of our closets in effort to find something I had not a clue about.

Just a few moments later my daughter who lives next door to us and her spouse came to translate. It was then revealed to us that “Ivan” had chased down and scratched a boy who was throwing pebbles at “Ivan” as he rode his bicycle through the Apartment Complex and that he was seen entering our unit.
This is not a misunderstanding but a prejudice act and a complete lie merely based on assumption by current Manager Bridget, who knew that two ill seniors occupied the unit, and who failed to warn the Police Officers of this fact due to carelessness and the lack of simple Morals.
My spouse had stepped out onto our front porch in order to give “Ivan” a glass of water. We still do not have a copy of the Police Report. Manager Bridget refused to make any further communication on the subject. When I came in to the Managers Office with my daughters spouse who was with me to help with interpretation, Bridget went out of her way to tell him he was not welcome on the premises. That is when I understood that this is a case of personal hate and prejudice against us and that the only goal that stands before her now is our eviction. There was no other reason for her rude and unprofessional actions towards us. I had done no wrong, even in bringing our daughters spouse to interpret. Yet the anger in her voice and ways of expressing her self was to overwhelming for us.
Now October 9 2010 more than a week after the incidents occurrence my blood pressure has stayed at record high’s and I have had severe pain in my heart and chest area. This incident and its proceedings have had a dramatic affect on the little health I have left. We have been receiving Official Court letters stating that the Management will commence court action against us without further notice and that they shall seek the reasonable rental value of the premises, court costs, service of process costs, additional costs as incurred, and the statutory penalty provided by law of an additional six hundred dollars, for the unlawful detention of the premises we occupy. The letter goes on further to explain that if a judgment is received against us, the Sheriff will remove us from the premises.
This has had a very big affect and is a tremendous stress on the physical health of both my spouse and I. We are a quiet elderly couple who do not speak English. We keep to ourselves and would never intend to hurt anyone, or cause any sort of problems with our fellow neighbors or the Management. There is no such reason for this, as we have a hard enough time just getting out of bed in the morning and getting through the day.

On occasion, the front gate remains open so we cannot control who comes in or out of the complex. This is the Managements duty. If “Ivan” does arrive it is not at our invitation, and we will not be held responsible if he shows up on the premises.
We are requesting a copy of the lease agreement, the police report of the incident that occurred on September 30 2010 and the right to inspect our entire file. The Manager of Taylor Terrace Apartments has taken discriminative and harassing measures against us. They together with the attorneys acting on their behalf have been sending us letters of action knowing that there are language barriers and that we are unable to read or communicate back to them.
Because of the letter that has been sent to us stating court action will be taken against us and that a debt will be sought after to collect without further notice, we are also taking action and in response to this we will also seek a professional attorney to represent us on our behalf.
Thank You, Leontiy & Olga Taube

Contact Info:
4072 Taylor St. #55
Sacramento CA 95838
(916)710-3052 Grandson Alex’s phone number, he helps with interpretation and documents.


May 16th, 2011 9:11 am

File a compliant through RPA.


May 17th, 2011 1:54 am

He probably has a crush on you, so be careful he does not install cameras in your bathroom or room. ; ) you find pshychos like that.


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