Landlord charges…

By reno

In march my rent check did not go through .The check was written on the wrong checks. When I went to go pay my april rent they were rude and told me then my check had not cleared for march .Ipayed then for my rent for both months I asked why i was not told they said they did not have a number on file for me .I have moved out as of may and now they are trying to charge me a 200 dollar late fee for march can they do this I feel im all payed up on all my rent I feel they should have given me a notice when they did not get the rent for march.  These landlord charges seem way offline and not fair.  The way my apartment billing is set-up is unethical!

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Peter C.

May 15th, 2008 11:05 am

The problem is that the error was on your behalf and not theirs. Didn’t you notice the money hadn’t been taken from your account, and if so did you make any effort to contact management about the problem? So what I’m saying is that they could have the same argument you have and that is that there wasn’t any contact from you either. So techically the rent was late. As per statute it is the renter’s responsibility to see that the rent is paid on time. The best way to do this is by requesting a receipt at the time of payment. If you have a receipt, then yes you should be able to get the late fee waived. But keep in mind, they do have right to charge a bounced check fee. Hope that helps!

Agent Paxton

May 15th, 2008 11:55 am

I actually just had a complaint assigned to my desk that is similar to the question you posed. The only difference between your question and the complaint I’m currently working on is that the property manager of the complaintee actually returned the renters rent check, because they told her she had some type of a credit, then when she went to pay her rent in may they told her that she owed Aprils rent. She agreed to pay both months, and did. Now a couple weeks later she was sent a letter stating that she owed over $200 in late rent fees. Hence the complaint. She paid on-time, management refused the payment, now after bringing both months current they are trying to collect an unjust late fee. I’m sure management will be removing the fees. But just like anything, they are trying to prove they are in the right, even though they are not. Although, your situation is slightly different, you may want to consider filing a complaint. Obviously the best option is to work it out yourself, but if you can’t, that’s what the RPA is for.


May 17th, 2008 12:23 pm

I feel like I did not leave enough info, I did have my landlord ask the same question didn’t I see the money missing from my account ?In march I did pay rent on the wrong check book stupid mistake I did get a receipt.That month I feel very ill and spent most of the month in the hospital by April i did go in and pay and they then told me .I did pay for both months she said nothing about a late fee now in may she is asking for it .I think the owner said something and the rental agency is trying to make up for there lazy actions none the less I feel there has to be some paper work that needs to be done first before they can just make up late fees like a time frame or an eviction notice of something .Do I really have no rights?


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