Landlord Comes in House without Permission! Help!

By Tenant

I  rent a duplex, my landlord continues to come into my home, with out permission.  just this weekend she came in the change the light bulbs.  Why?  I’m not sure.  I asked her not to do it then it turned into an argument that ended in.  " This is my house not yours".  I explained my lease gives me rights and she can not control my home.  Then the next day she came over in the middle of the day and demanded the rent. It was due it was June the 1st , but it was not late, it was still the 1st.   I was sleeping she rang the doorbell and    then proceeded to come in on her own.  So, of course there was another argument.  I explained the rent is not late. I always pay on time, so unless I miss a payment and I am late, don’t come to my home and ask for the rent, Unless you call and make  pre-arrangement, she could wait till I drop it off..  I also re-mined her that I have a family and coming into my home whenever is not acceptable, AT ALL.   Well now we are not on such good terms, but she reminded me again, that this is her home and she will not be controlled, and I explained I am a good tenant , that pays on time and I don’t want to be bothered with her on a daily basis, for rent, for light bulbs. etc.
What should I do to resolve this matter,  the lease has 6 months left. Suggestions would be great. I also want to make a formal complaint in case this relationship ends badly.  Help?

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June 3rd, 2009 8:19 am

In Minnesota the law requires landlords to give “Reasonable Notice” before entering an apartment or rental. Your landlord may feel that by knocking first, she is giving reasonable notice. However, the law is vague for your state and should really be updated. Many states will require a 24 hour notice before entering, but not in Minnesota.


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